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Hi, newbie here :)


Fitness Freak!
Hi! I just started yesterday, moving from Exante, so we can learn the ropes together!


will not be fat and 30
Hi - I'm still new here so we can all learn together :)

There is no way I'd survive one day on Atkins so I know what you mean.
CC just seems like the healthiest way to go for me. I think it will teach me to make good choices by understanding just what is in the food.

Good luck x
Welcome welcome welcome... no ropes just butt in where ever you have an opinion to share and feel free to ask questions when you get stuck... it's unlikely any of us will know the answer... but feel free to post all the same, lol!!!

Good luck

Thanks everyone, looks like a lot of newbies starting today :)
I'm new to this. I have been on my weightloss journey since January and have lost 81lbs total ('just' another 65lb to go!) I've done Cambridge (so tough!!!) for a kick start and then WW up until now. But as I'm trying to work out my calorie burn, the points sytem is throwing me a bit.

Therefore I find myself here on the calorie counting section.

I have to be honest, I'm a bit frightened so I'm glad to find some other newbies!
Hello all you lovely newbies!! :)

It's great to see you all over here! (we are the best forum! ;) hehe)

If you have any questions then ask away and we'll try and help :) As you can see I've been doing good ol' calorie counting for a looooooong time... and it's proven to work you'll be happy to know! :p

Are you all planning on keeping diaries?? They're a great way to keep you motivated! :)

Gooooooooood luck!! :)

Hi everyone - welcome to the CC. It's the only thing that's ever worked for me (and I've tried all sorts:eek:). How's everyone doing?
Hey Meltdown, how is maintenance going? It's the bit I'm most worried about, I don't want to gain weight after it is proving to be such hard work to get rid of it!!! x
Hi LindseyD
Maintenance was the bit I was most worried about too. A couple of friends weigh themselves twice a week and if they've gained more than 2lbs, they are good for a few days. So that is my plan. There is no way I'm putting it all back on again....

That sounds like a good plan. I'm no where near there yet, but I do need to think about how I'm not gonna revert back to being a chunky monkey!

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