Hi Newbie here


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Hi all,
Im not very happy at the moment and feeling really low about myself so decided to browse the net and stumbled across this forum. Read few stories on here and decided i would come join you all.

My name is Leanne, im 24 married and have 2 beautiful boys (Elliott 2 and Benjamin 6 months). I have a BMI of 40.5 :cry: i have been big since i was younger and tried all the diets but as like many others i lose weight then pile it back on and some.
I went to drs and after being with them for slimming i couldnt seem to lose much weight so she refered me to doc to get some tablets to aid me but she refused and said i have to see nurse for a further 3 months which totally put me on a downer and i never returned to the nurse.
At the moment i am back at slimming world and have lost 10lbs in 7weeks. Although it is coming off im not happy :sigh:
I have been looking to get info about gastric bands (although i would have to save alot) I just want to be able to buy nice clothes and play with my little boys and not bother what people may think of me.

Lea x
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Welcome to Minis, you've come to the right place and so many people here will associate with how you are feeling. Every weight loss method you can think of is here including a section for surgical weight loss so have a browse and ask any questions you want.



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Hi and :welcome: to minimins. Good luck on yr weight loss journey xxx


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Hi! Good Luck on your weight loss x


S: 17st9lb C: 16st13lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 0st10lb(4.05%)
Thanks for the nice welcome, im just learning my ways around...lol
Im going to be sticking with SW for now and see how it goes.

Well done on all your weight loses and good luck!


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:welcome: to minimins hun :) have you thought about a vlcd? it would get the weight of quicker than SW. plenty of info here anyways about the different diets. you are doing really well on sw :) x

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welcome hun

welcome hun,thats y were all ere(weight) well as u no theres lots of diets and believe me ive tried many but at present im on LL ,its total food replacement its quick & effective as i get bored after abit on diets so even though its extreme it works staight away and hopefully it doesnt take me as long xxp.s.ule enjoy it on this forum pple r very helpful ..


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all the best hun with sw. I can understand where ya are coming from and as becky mentioned would ya consider a vlcd? If ya are, the best thing to do before making your mind up would be to ask as many questions ya can about the different diets and there are a lovely bunch of people on here who would be happy to answer anything. If ya need anything ya can email me anytime. I wish ya every success and looking forward to hearing how ya are getting on, take care


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just joined yesterday.i gave birth to my third daughter 5mths ago. with my two other pregnacies i gained 15lbs on both occasions.with my last pregnancy i gained 42lbs,16 of which i have already lost. i have been feeling so depressed, because of the weight i gained and the lack of success in losing it. i foolishly thought that i could lose all the weight by breastfeeding alone. yesterday, i made a comittment to myself to re-start my fitness regimen, by doing taebo dvd's(bands included).i'm at 212lbs now, so wish me luck:break_diet:
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S: 16st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 2st6lb(14.98%)
Thank you, just reading the success stories is motivating me:)