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Hi newbie on 810


Carbs are Evil
Hi there
I am new to the site too, people on here seem really friendly. We are all on the same ride... if we fit in the seat! Which is all of our aims!

You are probably still feeing hungary as you won't be in ketosis yet, but don't worry it will come. Keep it up, the most inspiring thought is that you will lose loads in your first week, this is my second start on the diet as I was on it for two weeks then had to go into hospital for an op and the doctor said I had to come off as it wasn't enough calories to heal (on sole sorce) I lost 13lbs in those 1st two weeks!

3 weeks have passed I'm healed enough and I started again on Monday I have eaten cottage cheese or tinned fish each day and my shakes as I am not quite as motivated this time, but the hunger is starting to subside, my first weigh in is today and I don't think I have lost any, but I have only been on 4 days but will let you know.

But lets keep plodding on for next week, we can but try!

Good luck
Hiya I'm doing 810 also, everyone on this site is V friendly and extremely helpful :) there are also some good threads on 810 meal ideas as well, i'd definitely advise checking those out! Good luck and look forward to seeing your losses! xxx


Carbs are Evil
:D Thanks guys, got my first weigh in on tuesday so am hoping to lose something at least. Good luck with your weigh in Andie, will check out the recipes as well as I'm already bored of dry chicken. I've had headaches the last couple of days so hopefully will go away soon x


Carbs are Evil
Needing some motivation! Had a massive headache all day and felt really ill while out meeting a friend going past all the food shops and restaurants. I was good and had a shake while my friend had their lunch, really don't want to quit but struggling, can't wait for day 3 to be over as I heard it gets easier? x
Awww sorry you had a tough day :hug99: it definitely does get better though, everyone's different but once you get into ketosis (I think for most people after the 3rd day) it definitely feels a lot easier to cope with and a lot more positive. I still have the odd bad/grumpy day here and there but so long as I stay strong i'm ok the next day! This site definitely helps a lot, and knowing you're not the only one feeling that way I always find a comfort. I found when I had headaches in the beginning that drinking more water greatly reduced them. Now I dont get them at all!

Walking past food shops and restaurants can always be a struggle (esp in ur first few days) but i think i've kind of stopped noticing them so much anymore, it will happen, I tend to have a sparkling water when i'm out with friends as it makes me feel a little more full and takes a bit longer to drink, (I used to hate it before and never even drank much water so i've definitely been converted!! :p)

Stick with it, i'm sure you will start to notice lots of little benefits along your journey (a new love for water maybe, clearer skin, new found energy, self-control and a belief in urself - some of the things i've noticed so far for me as well as weight loss) AND the results will be soooo worth it :) xxx


Carbs are Evil
Thanks Anaya! Feeling a bit more motivated now. Went for a nap this evening when I started feeling ill and feel alot better now and also meant I could have my chocolate shake when I woke up :). I never used to drink alot of water either, I'm a diet coke addict lol which prob explains why I'm getting headaches. I don't actually feel hungry just keep craving food. How has your day been? xxx


Carbs are Evil
Hi all, how is eveyone today? I'm feeling a tiny bit better today not so much of a headache hoping it's going to be easier today x
I'm not new to CD - but I am to 810- so I wanted to come over and encourage you, and also to say I remember the headaches well! They will pass, if they start though drink another 1/2 pint of water, it really really does help I promise you, if not within half hour, take some paracetamol/ibuprofen and some more water and it will go. I know it takes a bit longer to get into ketosis with 810 so keep going, and the losses will inspire you aswell.

I have been put up to 810 this week so I am looking around the site now for 810 meal ideas, and just for threads on 810 etc aswell, and for motivational posts etc about it. I still have a long long way to go - 3 stone to go for my 'healthy' BMI, and then about another 4-7lbs for my personal goal after that, but having lost a big chunk of it on SS for about 16 or so weeks my metabolism has really slowed down so CDC has reccomended I try 810 for a few weeks to see how I get on, and possibly I will be staying on it, but while I'm here, as nervous as I am about moving up from SS to 810, I really want to enjoy it, and also learn again about foods, and really enjoy them, as I've had no real flavours for so long!

Anyway, I'm sorry this has turned into such a long post!

I hope you're headaches are going and wish you every success with your CD journey!

Anaya you are doing soooo well too, and are very inspiring with your posts, so keep going too. xx
Great great plan. If you are 100% most people stay in ketosis and lose loads. I did ss, ss+, 1000 and now 1200 and 810 was best for me for the milk + staying in ketosis. People get a bit obsessed with the very low plans but speaking for myself I stuck at this far better than I think I would of on a lower plan.
Be super strict on your measures and you will lose really well :)


Carbs are Evil
Hi, yes my headaches are not as bad now and definately used to the diet now, have alot of energy and feel alot healthier. Lost 4lbs this week so very pleased. Enjoying learning how to make food taste good without fat as well lol. Thank you all for the advice and hope everyone is having a great day x
Well done on the 4lb loss that's really great! Keep going, and keep glugging, I'm sure that will help with the headaches - but do mention everything to your CDC as he/she may have tips too.

Badger - thanks for your comments too, did you use all your milk everyday, I think this is what I am going to find hard, as I really am not a milk drinker, nor a particularly tea drinker as it is. I've had my first cup of tea today, with milk for the first time since September, and it was nice, but I'm just not a tea drinker, and I do think I'm 'scared' to have it in a way, and am wanting to just stick to the meal, do we have to have this?

Any advice, much appreciated.

Hi, yes I did use my milk but i'm a big tea and coffee drinker, infact that was the only reason I did it rather than ss+.
I think you are meant to have the whole lot but without it its just ss+(3 sachets + meal) so I doubt there is much danger if you dont . Not sure if I heard you could swap it for plain yogurt but dont quote me on that. Speak to your cdc see what they say :)
Anaya you are doing soooo well too, and are very inspiring with your posts, so keep going too. xx

Thanks so much Alexmummy, you definitely made me smile :) congrats on ur losses they are FAB! It's so much better to see them month by month rather than week by week.. helps you focus on the bigger picture!

Glad you are getting along better now Athenagold! and big congrats on ur 4lb loss :)

Hope everyone is having a good day today! xxx

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