Hi,, newbie to CD but lets face it i have done all the other diets!

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  1. Tall fat and greedy

    Tall fat and greedy Silver Member

    Hi, I have been reading all your posts over the last ten days or so and have completed my first week on SS+. I am really loving how supportive you all are to each other and how honest and helpful. I am so fed up with kidding myself about how I look and what I am stuffing in my face! I have done pretty much every diet going and always get to the point where I think "that will do" and then go straight back to my old habits and surprise surprise I pile the pounds back on while telling myself I am not and refusing to weight my self so I can stay in cloud cukkoo land! Anyway it was a great first week with 12.5 lbs off! My OH is away this week which really helps as i don't have to watch him chomping on numerous choc bars in the evening!

    I am going to keep checking in here to see how everyone else manages, and pick up tips from all your wonderful in sight in to the head games that I always play!

    Thank you all for being here!
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  3. Illa

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    hey welcome I'm a constant dieter too ;) I just did not realize until now that with all the other diets I had been feeding my body with something that is not good for him : Carbs. i'm not saying that all people are oversensitive to carbs but I am (even on organic brown rice, supposed to be one of the best carbs ever). I will need to manage this at the end of the diet somehow since I'm not a big fan of meat but at least now I know. I haven't have any sugar cravings while on the diet. I feel free again ;) Good luck on your journey with us.
  4. sugarplumfairy1977

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    WOW well done on loosing 12.5lbs thats a fab amount :)
    I too am a constant dieter lol I'm wondering if it'll ever end or if I have to face it and be on a diet forever lol I hope not though
    Good luck with the rest of your CD journey

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  5. Book-Worm

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    Hello Tall Fat and Greedy (soon to be Tall Slim and Reasonable-with-my-food :D )

    Welcome to the forum. It has been and still is a life saver. I go on here every time I am feeling down. Sometimes, even when you don't want to cheat and eat, you can still feel a bit down and "bored" of the diet, especially when you're at home alone like me! But Minis has been like a virtual dieting family for over 3 weeks now :)

    There are some great people on here who really can go deep into the reasons why they eat/want food/etc. I personally cannot come up with such brilliant insights but they always help when needed.

    Are you going to start a diary? It does help some people and it gives you a place where you can shout your achievements :)
  6. Tall fat and greedy

    Tall fat and greedy Silver Member

    Hi, yes I might start a diary, but not sure I am able to look as deeply as others into my reasons for over eating! Thanks for the above comments, it's great to know there are others out there going throu the same battle.

    I think I would get more support from friends if i had a drink problem rather than eating! I am so frustrated that I seem to maintain a reasonable amount of control (well as much as i can with two teenagers, and being widowed, 10 years ago) over so many other aspects of my life but when it comes to food I am so out of control.

    Right, dog walk done , the housework beckons, boo!
  7. Emmaline

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    Hi TF&G, Firstly may I say welcome to the forum and well done on that magnificent loss ... :woohoo:

    I will just endorse all that my fellow Minis have said before me - I think you will find that the majority of us over eat and comfort eat and that is why we find ourselves in this predicamant! So don't berate yourself too much on that score as, unfortunately, 'tis part of being human not to be perfect! .. lol! ... :D
    I also find that I divert immediately to Minimins to keep myself from wandering into the kitchen and to fill up those times when I am getting bored and disconsolate, it is such a tonic to feel that you are part of such a friendly forum.

    AND lastly, but not least! DOO start up a diary as we then know how to reach you to see how you are progressing and be able to give you support and help.

    Take care and all the very best to you ... :)
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