Hi Slimfasters ^^


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Hi all :) I'm Emily and I'm 18 :)

I started Slimfast on the 9th January at 12 stone and 2 pounds, and in those 4 days I've lost 4 pounds so I'm down to 11 stone 12 pounds :)

I was a yo-yo dieter until I was about 13 when I just crash dieted until I reached 4 and a half stone, and then some tablets I was on reacted and I put on over 8 stone, ending up at 12 and a half :(

I got sent to a hospital and lost 3 stone, I came home at 15 at 9 and a half stone, and since then I've put on 2 and a half stone to reach my start weight!

I'm hoping I lose the weight this quickly continuously! Thanks everyoen!
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Hi Emily :)
I'm MommaB. I'm eighteen, nineteen next month. I am on slimfast under Drs recommendation to lose baby weight. I have suffered with an eating disorder for most of my life. I've lost 4 inches off my stomach in under 10 days, and just started slimfast officially today. Loving it :)

Good luck and congrats with the weight loss so far :)