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Hi started JUDDD 2 wks ago

Hi all
I started this diet 2 wks ago and would like to hear from others who are doing it.
So far so good first wk I lost 5 1/2 pounds and this week I lost 4 1/4 pounds so am really pleased:D.
I found the slimfast shake that was recommended for the 2 wk induction didn't fill me so thought I may as well go without it, I find it easier to fast on the down days so will carry on like this for as long as possible.
I am a serial dieter and have done both SW and WW with success in the past only to put it all back on and more. I have lost 5 and 6 stone on diets in the past. I'm hoping yet again that this time I will be a success story. I do feel good on my down days no bloating or tired feelings.
So if anyone out there is following this diet and wants a buddy to chat and swop ideas tips etc with then please reply :)
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well done, JUDD ing obv works for you missy! keep up the hard work xxx
thanks mate. didn't you have a horsey on your sig before?! x
yer go to bed lol, or do something to take your mind off it....... dunno what though lol xxx
hey, hows it going? erm, cant remember which day i was going shopping lol, but more than likely bought something hehe!! went to the docs today to collect my signed LL ofrm - cant wait to start xxx
Im going to newcastle on friday and wont be starting LL until end of the month so alll is well on that score. need people to help me on my hen night thread on SW section please xxx
totally gutted today didn't loose anything in fact put on 1/4 pound, out of the eight days I didn't eat a morsel on 4 of them, I did have family here Monday and ate quite a lot and was at friends Sat and had a meal but wasn't too bad. I still havn't ate any easter eggs either. I will have an extra down day today and hope that next week I make up for it, you are supposed to be able to eat anything on the up days and I have been better than I would have been normally.:cry:
oh no, how dissapointing, but maybes its just your bodys way of adjusting to the fab losses that you had been having. better luck for this week mate x
Hi Karen
I'm still going lol, last week was only 1/2 pound today was 1+ 3/4 pound so taking off the 1/4 I put on two weeks ago thats only 2 pound in 3 weeks, but I am still going to carry on. I don't eat at all on my down days so can't understand why the weight is sooooo slow going. I don't count calories on up days but definately don't go mad I eat a lot less than before. Each week I expect a big loss to make up for the previous weeks, never mind today is an up day so thats good. x

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