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Hi there, its Dindlesmim :)


I am new to this forum, and am just working out where to go and what to do, so any tips on navigating the wesite will be appreciated.

So i have been trying to lose weight for over 2 years now, and although i only want to lose about a stone, i'm finding it nearly impossible. I am 5ft 2" and weigh 132lbs. I am active (walk to for over 45 mins each day), i drink a healthy amount of water, don't eat/drink over 900 calories a day (i eat fairly normal food),nor do i have any illnesses that would make me retain weight.

So i don't really see why i weigh this much, or why i cant shed it. :confused:

So really, what i am asking is to have a push in the right direction, so as to get to a healthy weight.
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Ugly duckling going Swan.
Hi hun! Welcome to the site! The Exercise and water sound good but 900 cals is very low. Granted some people on here doing lighter life and CD for example are on lower but they are recieving lots of vits and mins to replace the ones they are missing out on and they are under supervision. Because you may be lacking that essential nutrition, your body may be in famine mode. It holds onto the fat and calories in case of a long wait for food. It's the most common reason for a long term plateau! Don't panic, this place is wonderful and supportive and everyone is in the same boat!

If you want to go the traditional route of counting calories, I think a useful site is Nutracheck. Get a free assessment on there and see how many calories you should be eating for your weight loss. You can also pay for access to a diary, a calorie guide, and a fitness tracker. The daily plate has loads of calories contents on their site for foods and it's free to access.

I personally reccomend looking on here and researching all the plans and seeing which one sounds best. That's what I did and I settled on Slimming world because I can still eat a lot, there are rewards, and it encourages eating for nutrition plus you get extra "syns" to play with for birthday blows outs and such! Yippee!

Good luck x.
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Hello and welcome to the forum Kookie has basically said everything I would had said lol so all that remains for me to say is good luck with shifting that stubborn stone.

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