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Hi there xx

Hi xx.

Im sure you've all read a million of these before, so Ill try and keep mine short as possible... HELP!!!

I've tried literally every diet under the sun. Im 21 years old but feel about 100 at the moment. I weigh 21 stone 9lbs and have lost so much through my weight problems. Just last year i had to give up the job of my dreams as my weight has affected me so badly that i cant even walk more than 100 yards without the most excrutiating back pain. Since then, Iv just been pretty much housebound and of course the weight has continued to pile on.

My diet habits are so all over the place. I start a diet such as weight watchers, go out and buy all the food etc, stick to it for a week then ended up bingeing for a few days telling myself I'll start again tomorrow. Then i starve myself for a few days to make myself feel better then binge again until i go onto next diet.

Iv tried the cambridge diet, weight watchers, slim fast, basic calorie counting and just about any other. (The only one iv not tried is the atkins as i simply cant belive that works)

So why am I here? I need help. I need motivation. I need constant encouragement.

I posted on the intro thread last night and have now decided to go back to the weight watchers points plan. I know i have a humungous amount to loose but i need to do something. I rarely leave the house, I cant go shopping, on holiday, clubbing or just about anything else that normal 21 year olds should be doing.

Sorry, i droned on a bit there i know!! Just thought I'd say hi!! :D

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just wanted to say hi :wavey: and to let you know that you are not alone. Whatever support you might need, you'll find it on minimins

Just wanted to say Hi and congrats on making the decision to go back to ww.
I could of so wrote your post myself! I have also tried every diet under the sun and just found this forum so hopefully we can all help each other to reach our goals this time around :).
Hi, Jopwo.
Congratualtions on getting through your first day.


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Well done for starting again. It really is worth it, I've lost nearly 3 1/2 stone on slimming world, and I have so much more energy than before and can now fit into 'normal' size clothes again. I also don't feel that people are staring at me any more, and treat me with a bit more respect, but that may just be the paranoia I had when I was a lot bigger. Good luck xx
Wow it's like reading a post I wrote in summer when I joined Minimins.
I'm 23 (just turned) and when I started dieting in March of last year I was the same as you. I was 21.7 stones, I struggled to walk and I didn't do all the clubbing stuff that normal young people should do.
Diet-wise as well, I'd be all geared up, rearing to go, and then stop and binge as soon as the motivation ran out after a couple of days. I've tried numerous diets but the only diet that ever worked for me was South Beach.

Since last Easter, although I've been on and off the wagon and yo-yo-ed a little weight wise, I've lost almost 3 stone and have learned some very important lessons. The biggest of which is that you can't let your weight define who you are.

Good luck on your journey. We're all here for you if you need us... just give us a yell.

Oh gawddddd... Was going so well but tonight i binged on £16 worth of chinese food all to myself. I couldnt even eat it all :rolleyes:
I had a whole portion of mushroom foo yung, half a portion egg fried rice, half a chicken chow mein,half a sweet and sour chicken, and 8 mini spring rolls.... i dread to think how many points were in that. I only binged i think cos i hadnt eaten all day as i was having a bad day:break_diet:

Back on the wagon again tomorrow. The only plus side is that i threw the rest of the food away as soon as i had finished bingeing so that i wouldnt be tempted tomorrow. Thats something i wouldnt have done before so maybe i am changing? xx
Sorry about your binge. It's one day though, one little slip. And at least you threw the rest away.
Good luck for tomorrow (or today, did you post it yesterday? I get confused by the 18 hours thing and stuff rather than the date/time being above the posts). And I hope the rest of your day (none diet wise) is/was better than today/yesterday (the day of the binge).


Slowly but surely!
Ive always been the same when it comes to food, I went from 19 2 to 17 9 by calorie counting then lost lost more with slimfast but every night when I was home alone I would binge, I hated myself afterwards. I really want to loose the next 6 stone not only for me but for my children so I can do more with them, ive decided to get rid of everything from the house and do lipotrim, got everything I need and I start monday! Good luck hun as soon as you get into the mindset it will come falling off :)
Congratulations. That's a good start.


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hiya jopwo_87

I just want to say a huge well done for your 1 stone loss, that's really good.

I am also in a similar boat as you and i find it hard to keep on track and when you have a huge amount to lose its not easy to keep focused but my dietician said to me last week that you should take one small chunk at a time and you will win your race.

Keep up the good work and don't let the food win !!!
Well done on your 1 stone loss