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Hi there :)


Just keep going!
Thinking Im going to start CD in a week or so, I have been reading lots and after following SW since Jan and losing 2 stone Im finally ready for something a bit more extreme I reckon :) Nervous as hell as heard day 3/4/ the first week is the worst from friends but Im determined to do it!

Well think thats all for now

Em x
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Hi Em, welcome to the forum.

Yes, days 3/4 were pretty tough for me, not from a hunger perspective, but I got really bad headaches. Stick with it and the results will be worth it.

C x


Just keep going!
Thanks have done lots of reading up so am expecting shakes, headaches etc. I have just emailed the councillor who has been answering my questions the best out of all the ones I found in my area, and waiting to hear back on when she can fit me in. Start date hopefully will be 20th June :D


Nearly there...
Hi Em - good luck, at least you're not going in blind and know what to expect so you can ride thru it... In moments of madness/weakness take a nose around here...
Sauce x


Just keep going!
I shall do, the CDC is coming to see me on Tue for a chat and im going to start on 20th June as having a birthday bbq 2 days before :)


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Hi Em,

Welcome to the forum. I've found this place to be my haven during tough times, everyone is friendly and supportive.

I was lucky that i did not suffer too bad in the first few days but i did cut down my carb intake as much as possible a couple of days before starting CD to ease the withdrawal symptons.

Enjoy your bbq and good luck on your first day :)



Just keep going!
Yeah im gonna try and cut down my carbs this coming week and at the bbq will have one bread roll and the rest will be protein and salad, then no carbs and protein/salad/veg on Sunday before I start :)
sounds like a great plan raven. wish i has had the forsight to do that then i wouldnt have felt so poo like!! anywhoo, have a gr8t bday bbq and we'll see you around here. x