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hi - thinking about coming back.


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hi All
I am currently on Slimfast in a bid to kickstart my weight loss again but im starving so thinking once i have used it all up ( next WI) to come back to either SW or WW. I have followed both plans before so know 'the score' but i cant decide which one to do!!!
i think in my heart of heart it will be SW but i need a kick up the bum as i wont be going to classes this time and will be going it alone!!! anyone else out there going it alone ?? how do you keep yourself on track ??
Thanks and sorry for crashing onto your boards before i actually restart the plan!!!
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Think of us as an extended group meeting. Whether or not we attend a meeting locally to us, for all but an hour or so per week, we are going it alone. The only difference is we have a group to weigh in at. You will be doing it at home, but if you treat that weigh in as exactly the same as you would a group one, and know that it will reflect your weeks work (well most of the time anyway!) and view it with the same level of importance as you would a group meeting, and use US as your group support, it really wont be that different an experience.

Good luck!


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im looking foreward to starting the plan again now. Its nice to know that there is so much support on here.


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Hi Stephie,

I do it on my own with the support of minimins. I find it really important to keep a food diary otherwise it is so easy to go off track. But ultimately if I cheat, I am only cheating myself and my desire to be 10st is just too strong!

Good luck with whatever you choose (I hope it is SW!) xxx


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I do SW from home, using old books as a guide and using this forum as support for new recipes, syn values, inspiration and to be able to talk with others doing SW so I don't feel alone.
I'm almost at target now. Going alone with SW can be done, but you've got to be in the right frame of mind to be successful with it.

Good luck!


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thankyou!!! i have decided SW is the way for me so i will be coming back from next Wed!!! watch this space!!!

Mrs V

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Hi there!

I lost 6.5 stone before I was financially able to go to a class. It can be done, you just have to be really motivated and think what you would rather have...something thats fattening or to be healthy.

Good luck!


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