Hi Trini Divine


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I so with you on the Summer issues - Every piece of clothing is either black, Grey or Dark Blue

I am sOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to buying normal clothes and clothes that have bright colours

Also not to wear a coat in 30C like i have for as long as i can remember

I with you all the way girl - You can do this :) :)

All the very best

Nicola :)
Aww...thanks girl! Summer is going to be da bomb!!!
You don't live in London do you? I could do with someone to hang out with, that does it..for even more support. I haven't told anyone (except for my bf) that I am on CD. Simply because when I've told my family in the past it was almost like they were expecting me to fail, to give up! My bf says he's behind me all the way but we don't live together and ...I dunno, if he was on it it would be different - we could support eachother. So, anyone else reading this, if you're in London or even close to south london, hit me up (not literally. lol)
Thanks again Nicola.
Hi Ya

My OH is behind me too - He is a gem but the bugger still eats Indian in front of me -Which isn't so bad but the other day he had Maccie D's and my mouth was watering Literally:eek: - But bless him he threw it away cos he saw i was stuggling

I live in East London hun - You can Email whenever you want on my Private Email :)

And seriously your Friends are probably scared because when you get to goal you will be even more stunning than you are now -so you jue keep up the good work

Nicola :D
:D lol. Same to you hun.x