I'm guessing we've all been there: your clothes are getting tighter, your excuses are getting thinner until one day... you see a picture, an image of yourself in a mirror or friends get awkward talking about large people when you are in their company.

Well, all of that has happened to me. Last week was the last straw. I saw my reflection in a shop window and stopped dead in my tracks. There I was, in the height of summer (or what passes for it), wearing dark, loose and highly-unflattering, shapeless clothes, looking twice the width I used to be. I felt very down, alone and knowing - but wondering - how I could change. At that very moment I would have given anything to wave a magic weight-loss wand and feel and look lighter again.

It has taken me five days and several 'final' comfort meals before I could pluck up the courage to stand on the weighing scales. Think cartoon googly eyes on stalks, and you will get an idea of how I felt when the truth was unveiled: 13st 10.5lb. I am a short person.

And that is why I am here. Today is Day One.
Well done on taking that first step. If you can do day 1, there's no reason why you cant do day 2, day 3, day 4.... And then you'll seea difference, in the scales, and in yourself. Those baggy clothes will get baggier, until they're just not wearable anymore, and you'll be forced to buy a bikini and high heels to do your Asda shop in. Then you'll be the inspiration for the googly eyes on stalks ;)

This site's fab, so take some time to find your way round, and I'll see you out there.

Good luck