Virtual Shopping


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Do you do virtual shopping, online window shopping. My favourite online shop (Gudruns Joden) brought out its new summer collection this week. I went through every collection and placed about €1,500 worth of clothing in my basket. They don't have a "save for later" or "compare" button which I wold have used. I love their new catalogues (now online, but I much preferred the paper version) and spend a good afternoon drooling.
But now I have a dilemma, am I shopping to cover and hide a fat body or shopping for a new smaller body. Do I want work and going out clothes or casual and relaxing clothes. They do a good range of stretchy clothes while not cheap are fun and functional and last, the sort of things I often wear for travel when jeans are too restricting but a tracksuit not appropriate (flying/trains/car then checking into a hotel). They also have nice going out clothes and special occasions ones. But I bought two Autumn outfits in August with the intention of a new job...which never materialised. One outfit hasn't been worn at all and one I wore half of twice (it's a sheer dress and over jacket), the dress I have worn but with the jacket it looks more like lingerie, I think the overjacket would be more suitable poolside or on a beach.
I have no money but will treat myself to two outfits. One a t shirt and leggings or casual stretch bottoms when I get to 74kilos. The other will be either a summer outfit...a dress and t shirt or tunic and bottoms if we book a holiday OR a casual linen suit if I get a new job. So now I need to reduce my shopping basket down from €1500 to €200 and then start saving for that.