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Hi want to start on Xenical but

I have problems with my ankles. They hurt when i get up in the morning. To stop it hurting i initially walk on the outside of my feet. They also hurt if i have been sat down a while and get up to walk. Never been to dr's for it though i probably should. I tend not to go as just think i am making a fuss over nothing. I did go 2 weeks ago as on the sat night i had severe pains in my lower right abdomen. I put up with it and went to the dr on the monday, pain had eased loads by then though. When i was there he said the last time i had been to the dr's was in 2004.
They're not for people who eat loads of take away really..because you're not allowed most take aways while on it. I went in for another reason and decided to just ask..I just said.."Oh, also, I was wondering if I could start taking Xenical..?" and she said..."Ohh..okayy.." weighed me..and perscribed it. Lol. I was soo nervous to ask..but there was no problem.. :)
Its definitely not for people who only eat takeaways!!! If you were to eat a take away while on the tablets i think you would be stuck on the toilet for awhile!! :D Just talk to your doctor about and tell him/her how you feel and also the problems with your ankles, if your doctor says no you could always try alli instead!! Good luck and let us know how you get on!!!
Xenical together with a low fat diet works.......it's a life change ! How long were you on it Ndc?
Babe go to your dr and ask ...they are here to help :)
yes nothing wrong with asking for a little help :) - you'll feel much better for it. Doctors always seem to be scary to see - but the purpose of them is to ensure you are healthy - and weight is a big thing in regards to your health!
Good luck at your weigh-in Ndc,

Remember to think positive everyone , you can stop yourself losing weight by thinking negative !!!

We are all in this together so come on we can do this :)
That is really good Ndc...It's not suppose to be some sort of magic pill...you do have to do work with it. Lol. But that's an excellent weight loss..Congratulations! :)
Just wanted to stick my oar in and say that if you're doing things right, and sticking to a low fat diet while taking Xenical, you won't ever truly 'know' that it's working - except that your weight losses should be slightly better than if you weren't taking the tablets.

Xenical stops a third of the fat in your meals being absorbed by your body. This obviously helps you to lose weight because your body can't use or store that fat. Obviously, it does also stop you from being tempted to eat fatty foods, but the fat-blocking properties of Xenical are its main purpose.
When you use Xenical properly, you don't see side effects (or see it working) because the amount of fat passing out in your stools is relatively small. I've used this example before but it might help to clarify...
Say if you ate a meal containing 9g of fat (well within the 15g per meal rule) you would pass 3g of that fat in your stools, and 6g would be used by your body in the normal way. However, because 3g is a small amount to pass amongst your other bodily waste, you would not see any side effects.
So say if you ate a meal containing 60g of fat and took your Xenical, 20g would pass through your body and out in your stools, which is obviously quite a lot, and you would be more likely to have the 'Tango' experience. That's why you shouldn't take Xenical and continue to eat high fat food like take aways.

Really it's just a helping hand to help eliminate a small amount of fat, and to help you stay on track and not get tempted to eat the fatty foods in the first place.
The rest of the hard work is up to us unfortunately!!
Well done on your weightloss NDC brilliant news....

I do an hour of exercise 6 days a week and eat between 1200-1800 cals a day.......to burn a 1lb of fat you need to burn 3,500 calories .....so exercise is important.....
Everyones bodies are different some people lose it quicker than others....write down what you eat in a day and have a look at your calorie intake because you need a certain amount of calories to be able to burn fat

Goodluck :)

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