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Hi wanting to start Xenical please read :)

Hi guys :)

well i am wanting to start Xenical but my GP is convinced i can do this on my own which i can not i saw my GP at 5 months ago she told me that i should do more excerise more walking with the pram and only eat when i feel hungry and have small portions like fish rice vegs and ect i did that and since i last saw her i have only lost 7lbs in 5 months! i dont have any idea how i can make my GP see how much i need to go on this pill.. my height is 5.5 my bmi is 32 i weigh 13stone 9lbs (191lbs) does anyone have any idea on how i can convice my GP to see that this is what i need?
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Go on smile! =)


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hiya it took my doctor ages to give them to me i just wasnt loosing weight i had changed my job from office work to gardening and still nothing i was checked for diabetes, thyroid probs and kidney function when they all came back fine he agreed to help me that was last week and the tablets have really just policed what i eat as im scared if i go over i will have the dreaded leakage lol they have also made me get into a routine of eating 3 times a day hopefully i will have a loss this week fingers crossed x i would go in and tell her how bad u feel and how u need a little bit of inspiration and policing to kick start ur weightloss they dont actually make u loose weight from what ive read you do that on ur own by changing your diet the tablets just put u off eating rubbish x i think im right someone correct me if im wrong please x x


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as someone who is just getting to where you are now, and was bigger, i can understand how you feel...
have you thought about what some have said...
talk to another dr,
do the 5% rules and no more than 15g per meal
have you really tried to get out more and get more exercise in...
have you thought about Alli?

just some thoughts...
but if you are really dead set on wanting the tablets then try harder to convince your dr.
print this out, and ask him/her if there is anything you can do to change thier minds.


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I am exactly the same measurements as you iwannabeayummymummy!! So while i appreciate there are others on here who have more to lose and don't want to be insensitive to that, i can also appreciate why you want to lose weight so much. I found that when i wrote every single thing that i ate down that i was actually eating more than what i thought i was and more than what i should be if i wanted to lose weight. Have you tried doing a food diary? Also i can't afford to go to the gym at the moment because i am on leave from work (finishing uni) but i have wii fit, my fitness coach and ea sports active at home which i have been using regularly between 30-60 mins a day and that has also been helping me to feel energised and motivated, plus it means that i don't have to completely give up on having a glass of wine with my meal as i can usually burn it off with the exercising :D Sorry that i can't help with convincing your doctor, it is really important that you have your GP on board if going down the diet pills route in case of bad side effects (have seen some really nasty stuff on the internet about people who have reacted badly to it!) - but maybe if you can show him/her a food diary and keep track of any exercise you are doing then he/she will really see how hard you are trying! Good luck and if you want to do this together i would love to have a buddy - i really want to have a summer where i am at my ideal body weight of 22 BMI!


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I would see another doc. The 1st doc I saw basically told me if I didn't buy bad things I wouldn't eat bad things!! So helpful! 2nd doc was amazing and persribed me Xenical.

These pills aren't magic but just rein in that voice telling you to eat the bad stuff! In my case I knew what I should and shouldn't do and what I shouldn't eat to loose weight but that counted for nothing...I enjoyed eating and altho felt down I carried on! The pills have stopped all that and this is the longest I have ever lasted on a 'diet'

It doesn't matter if you're not as overweight as some of us you're BMI still qualifies as being able to go onto Xenical. Maybe see what another doc says and let us know xx