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Im new to the board and started slimming world 3 weeks ago now. lost 2lb...1.5lb the first week and only 05.lb last week :( bit dissapointed as last week i was good adn did more excerise.

been told to try more S and SS foods but the only problem is i hate fruit!!! cept apples and grapes so god knows what im gonna do there!!!

Anyway just thought i would introducemyself a little, im 21 and from Leeds and hoping to lose about a stone and a half and keep it off!

Hope to get to know you guys and get and share some recipies and support
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Hey Hun and welcome to Minimins. Are you following red or green or EE at the moment?

I re-joined last Monday with my OH and I'm following EE at the moment. I know that red days really work for me, but I guess it's depends on what's good for you.

Are you drinking plenty? And apples and grapes are fine. Do you like strawberries? To make them nicer, try sprinkling them with some sweetener which makes them a lot nicer xx
hey:) im 18 and joined SW one month ago.lost 9lbs so far and one week i stayed the same
doing more exercise can actually slow your weight loss down to begin with and then it gets higher again,well thats what iv heard.
im doing the extra easy plan and finding it really good.
a lot of fish and meat and veg are superfree as well.i dont like much fruit only melon strwbs and raspberries.so i just snack on them all the time.


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Hi and welcome :). You need to make sure you are eating enough. This is not a plan of deprivation, lol! If you are hungry, eat (not until you burst tho, lol). I thought for some strange reason a mth or so ago that I would really cut down on my food and portions and not eat after 8pm except fruit if I was hungry. Well i was so hungry all week and I put on 1/2lb :( I didnt make that mistake again! Also you say you have 1 1/2st to lose, that could be why you are losing slowly, because you haven't a huge amount to lose. And exercise builds muscle which weighs heavier than fat and burns more fat too. So your body may be just catching up with the exercise and you could be seeing some good results for it. Also dont forget to measure yourself as the scales dont always tell the whole story. If you are exercising you will be toning up so you will be losing inches even when you dont seem to be losing pounds!

You know what tho, 1/2lb off is still 1/2lb off it is going in the right direction!

Andy R.

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Hello. Hope you enjoy your timing kicking around here. It's a great little community with loads of help and support. I'll just echo what's already been said. U don't need ro starve yourself. I've found i've been enjoying food so much more and makes me experiment with new foods. If your struggling to eat super foods. Stick to the fish and meat. Also try some of the recipes on this site. Cos u maybe using super foods as part of the ingredience. Found it works for me. Good luck with the weight loss :)
thank you all for the warm ewelcome :)

I did start of with alternating between red and green days but the past 2 days i have been doing extra easy and loved it!!!
Seem to be eating alot more too...but all free foods and not as many bad things!

I never thoguht about that with the excersice tbh...ill just walk a little and not run haha...good excuse really ;)

Iv wrote down some recipies that look appealing but ther is sooo many i havent had time to look through everything as yet.

Thanks again for the welcome...ill no doubt be calling on you guys for help!!
Hi and welcome to the board!

I'm Becs, 27 and live in Nth Lincs but worked in Leeds for 4 years- miss the shopping!

I did SW last year and losy 1.5 stone, went on holiday came back pregnant and re-joined 10 weeks ago. I've had a very slow start this time around but it's all self inflicted! Must do better as go on holiday again in just over 5 weeks!!

EE is brilliant that didn't exist last year, so i alternate them with red days - as i love meat.

My advice is make sure you are eating plenty, and drik plenty of water. Also if you ahve started exercising recently most people see a slight weight gain in the first few weeks, until their body gets used to it. Also drinking fizzy drinks in warmer weather can bloat you.

Have you tried lots of different fruit? I;m a huge fan of Mango, Melon, Raspberries, Chinese Pears, Clementines, Peaches, Pineapple, Blueberries?

It's fine not to like them though - just have a look in your book and see if there are any meats / fish or veggies that are S or SS.

Good luck with this next week x
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NO! don't give up you will get there. Have you been writing everything down?
I'm sure if you post your food diary there will be plenty of people who will take a look at it for you.
Have you spoke to your SW consultant? Has she checked your food diary? (mine never did, but they are supposed to for the first 4 weeks)
You have still lost 4lb over 4 weeks, the next time you go shopping weigh 4 lb of potatoes :hug99:.
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i can be v picky with my fruit but i do tend to eat alot of melon and grapefruit (not together lol) just go down to leeds market in the out door bit and buy small amounts of things to try you will find something that you like hon

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Hi and welcome!! don't give up on the exercise Hun, the inches will drop off you in no time.