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Hi! Some of you may know me from the Cambridge diet forum but for those who dont my name is Louisa. I am 26 from Milton Keynes and getting married next july.

i started cambridge yesterday and my first long term target is 14 stone to loose, so as you can see i DO have ALOT to loose!

i chose the cambridge diet as i have already tried slimming world and Weight Watchers and slim fast which no long lasting effects.

i was interested and exciting at the quick result of the cambridge diet and felt for someone my size i needed a more drastic diet than healthy eating!

i would love to chat to others who have more than 5 stone to loose.

i have msn messenger or feel free to IM on here anytime
Hi Louisa,
How did you get on with your Cambridge Diet Counsellor (CDC) yesterday? It was yesterday you were starting wasn't it?
This is an absolutely brilliant group of people who all have lost weight or are still losing weight and I can honestly say that posting on here and other threads has kept me sane and still on CD from 22 stones down to now 10st 7lbs!

As we've already said - you can do this, just drink lots of water, follow the plan and come on here and moan/rant/cry etc if it helps you get thru! In a few weeks, you'll be feeling fab and you'll be encouraging other newbies too.

All the best!
Hi Louisa and welcome to Minimins