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Hi there!

I'm a newbie and a bit lost, ould someone please help with a few queries?

I'm getting married in July, and want to lose about 3 and a half stone before then, so was planning to go on the Lipotrim diet, is this a good idea? Will I lose that much weight?

Also, I'm based in Kingston, the only pharmacy I seem to be able to find even remotely near me is in Putney, does anyone know of one closer?

Also, I'm in work from about half seven unitl 6 or seven most days, can I make up the shakes in the morning or do I have to make them just before I drink them?

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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You'd defo lose that weight by then!! :D
You have to drink them within 15mins-roughly- of making the shakes sadly, so either flapjack it for work, though you can only have one a day, or just make the shakes in work.

Let us know how it goes!
Hi and welcome :)

We averge about 1st a month on lipotrim - the first month it is usually more cos you lose excess water - cos of all the water we have to force down so by july i would say you could lose 4st or more - you will need to refeed for 2 weeks before your big day so you can enjoy the HEALTHY menu i am sure you are arranging ;)

i have no clue about the pharmacy thing - sorry!!

And, NO you cannot make up your shakes in advance, you have to make them up and drink them within 20 minutes otherwise the nutritional content is lost - sorry!!!

take a shaker with you to work and do then there - thats what i do

oh and be prepared to feel quiet tired in the first week - what with your 12hr days and your minimum calorie intake - you will be in bed by 9pm lol

its all worth it though!!!
Thanks, all good to know.

One last thing, are there any adverse side effects? I know some people have said their hair fell out :eek: I don't particularly want to be a bald bride!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hi Pink, lots of luck on your journey. You cannot make the shakes up in advance as some of the nutrients are water soluble. Either take a shaker or try the flapjacks. The flapjacks are not to everyone's taste. They can taste like cardboard.
The ave loss is a stone per month and you may even lose more.
The hair part is a bit scary. You won't be a baldy but you may experience thinning. I have noticed my hair getting thinner overall but no bald patches. If you were only on LT for a month or six weeks you prob won't have a hair problem. You could start on LT and review after about a month or so.
lots of luck
Bad breath while you're on it!
Baaaaad :D but you can use listerine strips:)
nah the hair thing is so untrue!
Sweet, bald and smelly, I can't wait to start! :p
And cold! :p
Haha yep, wrap up warm for the first week or 2!
Note to self, buy a hat
Welcome & Good Luck!

With regard to pharmacies, go to the Lipotrim site, and they will list all of the participating pharmacies in your area.

Keep us posted!

Clair x
hi pink

I spend a lot of time working in Surbiton and one of the girls I work with started LT. She got it from a chemist in Byfleet....dont know if thats any help (or easier to get to!)....if it is let me know and I'll find out from her next week which one and where it is.
Awh cheers! That's really sweet of you!

I'm going to check out the one in Putney, if it's not a complete mare to get to I might just stick with it there.
Thanks again!
God dammit!

Had a stupid faculty meeting after work today, only found out during the day about it, then rang the pharmacy I was going to go to and was told the lady who does the Lipotrim stuff there is on holidays until Monday next... Grrrr :mad:

Someone is trying to make me angry, and not thin!
Oh no, is there another pharmacy you can try?
Hi, just to say the hair loss does happen.. what happens is while on tfr the body conderves itself and the hair effectively goes to sleep (normally I think it is about 40% of our hair asleep at any given time thus some falls out on a daily basis... when you go back to eating again the hair 'wakes up' and all the hair you would have lost over the time you were on tfr comes out, not all in one go but thins.. I was on tfr for 6 weeks and my hair which is normally very very thick noticably thinned, and many of the people on here experienced this, however it does go back to normal after a while and not everyone (although most) do experience hair thinnning after tfr.. hths x

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