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Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hello All

You may remember me from about 2 weeks ago when I was gonna start atkins but then got a sickness bug so didnt?
Well, I am gonna start tomorrow!!

My friend has just been chatting to me, she started about 1.5 weeks ago and has lost 8lbs, so I am jealous, and Im gonna start.

My main worry is that I am gonna crave choc :cry:
Is it right that you are allowed sugar free jelly or is that not allowed on induction?
And I know coke zero is allowed or kind of allowed, but is diet pepsi allowed? I prefer it loads.
My friend also says she has been eating loads of cheese and chive dip, is that allowed?
What about sour cream?
Sorry for all the questions!!
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Hello again. Hope you fully recovered.
I dont really have sweet cravings after my blood sugar levelled itself out with ketosis etc. you can have the atkins bars and Ive been told the choc brownie ones are lovely. yes sf jelly is ok as is ice cream you will find on a thread on here (yummy)
Coke - If you are cutting out caffiene as per the original atkins then neither is allowed , but if not cutting caffiene you can have either, but beware citric acid in them might stall you. (asda do a no caffiene no citric acid diet cola)
cheese and chive dip is fine as long as carbs are counted.

best of luck xxx
Hi love, all better now?

One of the things about Atkins is that it's supposed to help sort out your eating habits and help you stop eating sweet things or even wanting them. That said, many struggle with that love.


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P.s. Lizzy hope you getting your friend to join the forum :D


Loves this site!
Hi and welcome back. I love food and could easily eat my way through a few chocolate bars or packet of crisps a day but since starting the atkins i just dont want them. When im in ketosis i have to force feed myself as i dont get hungry at all. Dont worry about the cravings now, start your new eating plan and see what your body wants. You may not want anything sweet at all and if you do well we have lots of ideas.


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thanks all, yeah I will suggest to her that she joins the forum!!
I am hoping that the ketosis works as well for me and that I am not hungry and not craving the evil c word!!

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Hi & good luck! I much prefer pepsi max to diet coke too, I think either is fine in moderation. There are lots of low carb sweeties as well which you can have after induction, I have some for emergencies but rarely crave them any more.


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Hi ThinLizzy I absolutely love your name!!! Good luck!!!


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Choc brownie bars??? Where?? Who's got them??? They are delish lol :D Just reminded me I've got two in the fridge but it's weigh in tomorrow and Cheryl will tell me off if I eat them :p

Welcome Thin Lizzy! you don't have to be crazy to be here but it certainly helps lol xxx

I don't crave chocolate either since being on atkins (well apart from choc brownie bars lol) It certainly sorts out your eating habits! Just need to find something to help me with my alcohol addiction now :roofles:


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have a week off faf. I cant though lol - friends 40th on sat! but am not having wine - gonna stick to vodka and diet coke.
the thing is, when i missed out my friday drinking sesion i didnt lose weight. but whenever i had a good half bottle of vodka or barcardi i always lost 2lb! so i am in two minds if i should drink booze to help the weight loss or not! :confused:


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lmao im the same FAF. its dehydration though!! thats why im not drinking until sat. WI on friday - gonna see if it makes any difference. :D
It can't just be dehydration though Vicky, or you'd be losing the same 2lbs every week love.


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suppose so. but it looks like i am at the mo!


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so im sticking to water and decaf this week :D
Let's hope it's a good weigh in for you then Vicky.