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i'm claire an just found this gr8 site yesterday. i am thinking of joining the lighter life plan, i see after looking through the forum that some doctors wont sign the consent form, what reason would they have to refuse? still waiting to hear back from my LLC as to when next intro is. (give her another day i think an then i will look for another one, as i just want to get on with the weight loss) Every single day my weight is an issue that plays on my mind an i just want to kick that feeling an start to feel good again. if anybody has any tips or words of advice on the LL plan then please let me know.

claire x
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Welcome to the site, its a fab place to get support, advice and information. As to your GP consent question, theres a couple of reasons they say no. Some disagree with the concept of Very Low Calorie Diets as they think you should lose weight through sensible eating and exercise, other GP's surgeries class the signing of forms as form of private work and just won't do any private work of any type (like my GP's surgery) as it is too time-consuming and I've heard others prefer to prescribe weight loss drugs because they get money from the pharmecutical companies each time they prescribe certain drugs (don't know how true this is!!!) Wouldn't worry too much though as your LLC will probably point you in the right direction to a private doctor if needs be, which will cost you a one-off fee (mine was £20 but it does vary)
As for LL, for me so far its been great. Have learned a lot at the LL sessions and the weight loss is so quick (started 21st March) that every couple of weeks you get to some sort of milestone. Theres not too much physical hunger because you're in ketosis (fat burning mode) and the only downside is trying to cope with other peoples eating around you (but even that hasn't been too bad) Hope your LLC has a group starting soon, my group and LLC have been fab!! Good luck with your weight loss.
Ooo safc girl you started same day as me! The GP thing does seem to very! I was charged £20 & GP said it wouldnt be the same way she would do it but didnt refuse to sign! Nurse has been a different matter & I now go to Lloyds pharmacy for my BP checks as I got a lecture every time I went to her & "well we'll just se if you keep it off" and really didnt want the constant negativity! Best thing I ever did LL! Just posted my before before & after photos on the front pages!! A long way to go but couldnt have done it without people on here!! Welcome!
Point out to your GP if they play up that the National Obesity Forum recommend VLCDs and since they're specialists in their field and a GP is just a generalist..... Okay, they may not like it but it would make me feel better!

Otherwise you could try an NHS walk in centre - I bet they'd do it. Try the NHS Direct website to find your nearest one.
My doctor wasnt too happy with signing the form but once I explained that LL follows guidelines (e.g., at week 13 you have a milk week and you increase your calories because guidelines suggest that 12 weeks is max for a VLCD) and that there was specialised counselling (including CBT), he was more than happy to sign it. My LLC also gave me some information to give to my doctor which he actually seemed to want to read! I had to pay £15 for the privilege of him signing the form, but it's totally worth it. I too was desperate to start the plan. I'm now on Day 11 and I can honestly say that it really does work as it says on the tin. Go for it!
Mine refused to sign the form and do the checks in the appointment I booked and wanted me to book in for a 'medical'. Only problem was the next appointment was 2 weeks latera nd I would have missed the start of my group. I was really annoyed.
I paid £25 or £30 (can't remember now) to a Dr my LLC knew and the checks took less than 10 minutes - so I was VERY annoyed at my GP for making such a fuss. I would have been happy with paying for it, I just didn't want to lose my space...


has started again!!
My pre-ll check with the GP cost £20, as "its a private business, we are aobliged to charge.". I visit Lloyds for my BP checks, the lady is lovely and very supportive. She is also very interested in the diet in general, but not in a nosy way. She is not overweight BTW!

My GP is very happy at my loss so far, but all I can think is "No thanks to you, mate"