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Hi everyone!
I can't decide on weight watchers or slimming world! Can anyone advise? Also wanted to say have read many forums over time on different subjects. Crafts mainly, but this is the 1st time I've joined one. Everyone sounds so friendly and positive so am hoping this will keep me focused on losing weight and being part of minimins.
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Oohh if I had a £ for every time that question has been asked.....

Both diets are excellent and work but its really down to what is going to suit you and your lifestyle better.

I prefer WW, I cant get my head round the 'free food' concept and didnt feel it did anything for my portion control. I find WW much more flexible, its more eating out friendly and I prefer knowing that Im eating the right amount and making good choices within my points allowance.

Neither is better than the other, its a personal choice x


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I've never been on either, but I am the same about having never joined a forum until this one for the same reasons! You are right; everyone here IS friendly. Here you will find people with all different kinds of dieting and weightloss experiences. Chances are, on a bad day, you'll find more motivation on this site, along with somebody who has been in exactly the same place you are and understands! :patback:

Always feel free to post on the forums your questions, concerns and even horror stories. People are so responsive on minimins and that is why I love it here. :grouphugg:

Good luck with your choices; Starlight is right, neither diet is better than the other. Do your research and go with whatever you think will suit your lifestyle best. :) You can do it! :party0011:

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Hi and welcome..... I tried WW years ago,but not SW so I'm not much help really !!!
We are friendly and we don't bite!!! Haha !!! As for positivity, I sometimes think it's infectious as I always seem to catch it again if I stay on Minimins long enough !!!!

Good Luck !!!!

Diva x


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I'm on slimming world and I don't really understand ww, there isn't much portion control on sw but that's because u can eat vast amounts of healthy foods, good luck xxx
Hi and welcome. I've been on both. They are both excellent diets and both work. If you need to go to a class I'd choose the one that is best for you in place and time.

Irene xx