I'm currently doing slimming world, but must say it's not working for me. Yes I have lost 7lb now. But it has taken me 14weeks :-( and I really wanted to have lost alot more by now.

Has anyone here done slimming world but switched to WW and found it's worked?

Or any help with WW in general would b good..

I'm 5"6 and now 11 stone 5lb and want to get to 9stone 7.. X
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Hi Charlotte. I say you should change. You must be losing heart by now at such a long time to lose 7 pounds. Better off than on I guess tho. Think from what I've heard SW is green and red days but you eat as much of it as you like is that right? Think your problem may be you're eating healthily but too much?? I've been on WW pro points for 3 weeks and have already lost 7.5 pounds. I'm 5.8 starting weight 11.4 and a half and am now 10.11 on WW scales. 10.9 on mine!!!! (i prefer mine lol) I want to get to 10 on theirs.

There's coupons in the Sunday papers for free joining and first week free. There has been the last 2 weeks anyway. There's also coupons in the ww magazine if there isn't any in the papers this week. Saves £15.

Good luck. Let me know what you decide x


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I was on WW discover Jun - Dec 2010 then switched to Slimming World. I struggled to lose any weight due to the eat as much as you want policy. I really wanted it to be the diet for me but it wasn't.

Am now on pro points which is also proving not to be a pushover but it is starting to go in the right direction. As long as I don't eat my weeklies just before weigh in!
I used to do Slimming World but I also found weight loss very slow-I preferred the green days which meant most days all i was eating was carbs! I much prefer WW as it makes you learn portion control and healthy eating and I think it's something that con be maintained in the long run.


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To be honest, I loved Slimming World and I lost 3 stone doing the greendays.

Only reason I'm not doing it now is because it simply doesn't match with my lifestyle anymore (I work longer hours and I have less time to stand and cook)

However, one golden rule I always had with SW. I'd eat half the plate (not the actual plate :D), am I still hungry? Am I really still hungry? Ok, sure go on eat 1/4 of what's left. Still hungry?

It was those stops and checking and asking myself if I was still hungry or was I just wanting the rest of it because it was there infront of me.

I ate until I was satisfied and never until I was full, because full = bloated.