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too hot to handle!!
hi jayne,,today mu 3rd day,bit sicky this morn but am perfect again,so far so good,,not even tempted to pick and not too hungry either,,,just see how it goes,,fingers crossed eh


too hot to handle!!
yeah everyone is great,,get lots of tips and advice here
Hi Jayne - congrats on taking the first step on LT Journey and believe me it is a journey

Your gonna do brilliantly - this diet really works and once your prepared to put the hard work in - you'll see amazing results.

A lot of the girls on here have lost a lot of weight and are maintaining you should have a look at some of their threads and see how they coped.

Ive found this site brilliant for keeping me in line - whenever I feel tempted to stray I log on - I log on every day and I have the website open on my work computer every day.

Remember your not alone doing this diet - and whenever you feel fed up or hungry remember that one of us is feeling the exact same way.

If you take one day at a time - you wont feel the time flying by!!

Good luck.


weighs a lot less
hi jayne and welcome to the forum ,the first few days can be quite difficult but it is so worth it remember everyone on here is the same as you we all want to lose weight ,everyone is sooo supportive and friendly good luck and keep posting xx
Hi Jayne good luck you'll be fine.Oh and the chick soup.....it tastes like death in a sachet.To me that is some people like it.Try and get your chemist to agree to take back the soups if you dont like them or just get one pack.Also they really should give you a trial pack of each just to try.Well, good luck again you'll be fine


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hi im new too, i found the first 3 days the hardest im now on day 4 but i have to say im really missing my food, i no what i want its just getting my head in gear i work nights and sometime it can be hard to get through the night on a shake and water, dont get me wrong im not hungry its just the thought that its not allowed makes me want it more.:sigh:
Good luck, youll be fine, and you will find your own taste in the meals, me all I eat is soup but many hate it. I will have lost ni on 8st + by the time im finished, the time fly bys and its not as hard as many make out if you think negative it will be hard, just think positive and watch it fall off.
Keep in touch on here, this site helps loads.
good luck Jayne - first couple of days are worse then you will find it a breeze. your first weeks loss will definitely motivate you to continue for the second week, by which time, your drop in weight should be noticeable. I like the soup - I do mix them in a liquidizer with a bit of cold water and add chilli, salt/pepper. I then make them up to about 750 ml with boiling water and drink out of a big mug. mmmmmmmmmmm lovely. Being hot they fill you up too... take care Julia x
Hi Jayne,

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss, I was a similar weight to you when I started nearly 5 weeks ago....I'm 1st 6lbs lighter and due for 5th weigh in on Saturday - just goes to show it can be done.

first few days are the hardest, just keep drinking the water - when you go into ketosis you'll lose all the hunger pangs, you may also feel the cold a little mor.

I only have the chicken soup and I love it, although I do add black pepper & Cayenne pepper:D

Please keep us updated with your losses

You'll find everyone very supportive on here:D
Hi and welcome Jayne, best of luck on your journey..loads of support here whenever you need it xxx