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Hi everyone,
my name is Louise and I started Lipotrim for the 2nd time yesterday. Last time I only did it for weeks and lost about 1.5 stones but then started Lighter Life lite which I shouldnt of done as it made me go off the rails as I was allowed food so i just wanted everythin in sight! Dont think I did Lipotrim for long enough to change the habits of a life time. Although this time round, I'm really struggling today, its day 2 and I really think if I can carry on till tomorrow I'll hopefully be in ketosis and it'll start dropping off again. I just feel like I REALLY want to have another weekend eating what I like and starting on monday! There's only so many times u can say 'I'll start monday' though isnt there. I find it difficult though as once I get the idea of food in my head I'll make up any excuse to have it and convince myself its the right thing to do and then when it comes to going out or something I dont want to go as I feel awful. AGH this really needs to be sorted!
Louise :(
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Yup hun, there's always "another Monday" around the corner. You have started now, so its best to see it through to the end. Grit your teeth, drink loads of water and hang on in there x x x
Hiya Louise..welcome to minimins.

Don't worry chick just ignore those lil demons in your head and stick to Lipotrim. For me it's always "another Monday, another diet". I would start and start again every monday,well intended to. It's dead easy toindulge at weekends cos u would always tell yourself it was ok cos ur starting a diet on Monday...does that sound familiar??

Your on the programme now so stick with it and you will soon be in Ketosis. Have a bath or do something to take your mind away from FOOD... good luck hun
thanks guys! it really helps me to come on here and get advice off you, im goin to spur on and get a grip lol thanks xx


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Hi Louise and welcome!! Now you've started you might as well keep going - or you'll only have to do these difficult first days all over again! You'll soon be feeling better. xx


Here we go again!
Stick with it Louise! You will get there. Better to carry on now you've started than have to start again and again and again. You have made a great decision to start LT again and this time it will be the last diet you are ever on, hopefully, at least that's what I'm telling myself. Good luck.


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Hi And welcome to the forum, Your be fine this time round, keep with it and long enough to retrain your mind.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.
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Keep it up hun.....I'll be starting my 2nd time round a week monday.....so we can encourage each other!!! xx
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Hiya Louise, welcome back to lipotrim. Good luck with your weighings. xxx


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Good Luck Louise, I am a newbie to this site but not LT..

It is well worth struggling through this first week, I have started again on LT and am now on day 3 and I am certainly in the ILL START ON MONDAY brigade.

Take each day at a time and drink plenty of water, that is what is getting me through this first week.

Jo x
Shelly - Glad we're in the same boat, we'll defo spur eachother on, and this is the last time we're doin this! can't wait to be a size 10 finally lol.
Cheryl - thats amazin that you've maintained for 4 years! any words of wisdom on maintaining? I know its a while off for me yet but thats the part I worry about the most so it'd be good to hear something positive about it rather than all the rubbish reviews on google!
Louise x

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