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    Is anyone out there doing hiit / tabata training? If so how are you finding it? At the risk of everyone throwing their weights or kettlebells at me for the cardinal sin of admitting I don't like exercise!!! But, after losing over 4 stone (and with about another 2.5 or so to lose) I recognise I need to start some proper exercise and so need to get it done as quickly as poss (!) so I assume hiit may be right for me. Any feedback appreciated.
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    Well done on the weight lose to date.
    I'm doing it the other way around, I started exercising about 4-5 years ago at the gym, initially saw a good weight loss but it recently stalled, so I've started the SW Extra Easy to kick start it again.

    They advice from my gym is to do high intensity interval training, which will increase your metabolism so you burn fat even after you've left the gym.
    For me this is powerlifting but if you don't want to do weight lifting there will be other hiit you can do for example on the treadmill, cross trainer or rowing machine.

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