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An article I wrote a while back on motivation, Hope it can have have a positive affect to everyone that reads this :)

Motivation, motivation, motivation.

Understand that you need to have the right motivation to gear you up to stay on task, or to hit the intensity level that’s required to reach your personal goals. You might think that making the right changes to your diet and exercise regime is a question of willpower – well, it’s part of the reason why you’ve started this in the first place, but it’s not going to get you over the finish line. Willpower is an exhaustible mental state and if the going gets tough, it can be the first thing to fail.

Motivation is momentary. Inspiration can last a lifetime.

Motivation comes from the outside. Inspiration comes from the inside.

Motivation pushes you.Inspiration pulls you.

So, what’s the difference then?

Well, finding out what drives and inspires you is the key to achieving and maintaining a motivated state of mind.

Remember that the mind controls the body – if your mind doesn’t want to do three/ four intensive workouts per week as well as eat healthy, nutritious meals, then your body won’t either. Inevitably, you’re going to go through the motions and waste your time and resources – so start with the mind and the body will follow.

Inspiration is the process by which the mental stimulation takes place. It makes one want to do or feel something.Motivation is related to the inspiration that increases the eagerness or willingness to do something.

How do you get yourself motivated?

There’s some simple things that you can do to mentally prepare yourself before beginning daily or weekly tasks. For instance, it’s very important that you mentally envision your exercises for the day before each workout. As you play them out in your mind, try and feel it through – be aware of and stick to break times, keep up the right intensity throughout, have a plan to deal with feeling tired and put as much effort into sticking to the plan as possible.

Break the habit of making excuses. If you spend all your effort on sticking to plans and don’t spend your time finding a reason not to do something, then your progression is certain. You’ll reap the benefits of getting motivated by seeing and feeling the rewards.

Key Point …….

Find your WHY ? The reason behind your change journey.

Find your motivation and you’ll develop a killer mental attitude!
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