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    As my title states I would like to compile a high protein low carb foods list.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received whether these be fresh or frozen, tins, packets, cereals or other. I don't mind whether these are from markets or supermarkets or other sources, all suggestions would be gratefully received, thanks to you all

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    Your best bets are obviously leans meats and fish (if you eat them). Soya beans contain a lot of protein. Frozen Quorn products too are quite high (I think the chicken is the highest, but I could be wrong), non or low fat mozerella is high in protein.
    How much protein are you looking to consume?

    I'm doing high protein at the moment (or trying) to combat muscle ache after a lot of exercise - my day yesterday was 56g - 34 of that alone was from dinner (smoked haddock 17g, chorizo 7g, soya beans 7g, a little from green beans, broccoli and potato).

    Remember that little bits of protein add up to - greek yogurt with some pumpkin seeds and berries - an average low fat greek yog (107g) had 17g protein, 28g pumpkin seeds has 9, and berries for taste!

    Good luck, remember if you're doing high protein to add muscle that carbs are important too!
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