Hii ;D


Hello everyone! I'm a newbie and I'm so glad to have found this forum because it looks awesome, with all the support, encouragements and challenges! :D

I'm Beth and I am eighteen. I live in Swansea and I'm in college studying applied forensic science :)

My start weight is 16 st. 12 lbs. (236 lbs.) so I'm hoping to lose 100 lbs. Sounds like a lot but I'm going to break it down into mini-goals :) so I'm going to start by losing a stone (14 lbs.)

I have done WW before... because my mother's always followed it! She's been really successful since she went from 23-odd stone to 15 stone :) however, unfortunately, my mam's gained all the weight lost back due to health problems :/ but she did it before and she can do it again! I lost two stone last year but went off the track since but I am determined to stay on track this year! :)

I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me 100 per cent, regardless of how I look. He says he find me attractive so I will take his word for it because I think I'm a minger, haha ;)

Well, excuse me for waffling on ;) so I'll leave you guys alone, hahaa. I'm looking forward to a new, healthier me!

xo, Beth
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destination .... SLIMSVILLE!
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Hi Beth, it's a great place in WW forum here, all support, oh and on the other boards!

Good idea planning little mini goals. Keep posting and we will listen and help you along the way. Is your mum doing it with you this time around?



love it
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Hi Beth and welcome. You sound motivated and ready to go so good luck!!
just yell if you need any help


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welcome to the boards Beth, good luck! xxx


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
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Hi Beth, welcome and good luck, i've got 91lbs to go!!! so hopefully we'll reach target around the same time and can keep each other going. It might seem likea long way but i've lost 16lbs in a short space of time, i understand it will slow down but i'm ready for it!

Whats ur weigh in day??


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Hiya, good luck hun, you will do great, I have just started today too xx