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Hit a bump in the road...


Taking one day at a time.
So had a really tough couple of days, and it's amazing how it's affected my ability to do this... Had a row with a friend, had planning permission refused by dodgy Essex council, been looking after a friend's child as well as my own (hence run ragged!), have a cold sore and am spotty.... have found myself badly tempted to eat. Has SO taken me by surprise as I had been feeling really resilient, and now I am really wobbling. Tempted to pick here and there (and have a little). I am drinking yet another litre of water and am having an early night. Husband will have to tidy the kitchen. Bah! Just goes to show, you can never take your eye off the ball.
Hope everyone else is doing ok....
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Taking one day at a time.
Thank you Serena. Just need to watch myself a bit... I have to stay SS.
There's a reason why "Little pickers wear bigger knickers!"


Serena's title didn't fit
Hi hon!

Stay strong, you can do it I know you can. Think of how fab and skinny you'll be soon! Think of how you'll fit into skinny sexy dresses and google some clothing items you;d like to fit. (e.g. cool dress or whateveer) for motivation ?

Good luck honni!!



Skinny Soon ?!
Good girl for spotting and reversing away from the temptation of food. At least you have spotted the reasons behind your feelings. I gues it hits us all when we are stressed and in need of comfort.

Just have to find the comfort somewhere else - the same would be true if you had reached maintainence you wouldn't be able to pig out without big regrets - learning this now should make it a little to recognise the signs when you are eating food again and stop before you end up regretting it.

Good luck babe - have a cozy bath or put something nice smelling on your pillow

Well done xxxxxx


Taking one day at a time.
Thanks Lostris and Champess for your very wide words! It really does help. Am listening to the husband tidy the kitchen, and he's going to have to grit the drive. LOL! Feel terrible but not going to help! I cooked his dinner tonight ( as I do every night) and mostly it's been easy, but tonight was a shocker, hence I am staying well away from what's out there on the stove in the shape of leftovers (no point detailing them on here as it's counter-productive for all) - put it this way, they wouldn't be left-over if I "tidied" the kitchen!
Thanks again.
Love Charlotte xx
very well done you! You should be very proud of yourself and remember the sense of achievement in case you ever feel like this again.
Don't know if I could have done what you did so big hats off x


Taking one day at a time.
Thanks Mat!
So I did have to tidy the kitchen (so that it was done properly)...but avoided contact with all food stuffs! Beddybyes for me.
Thanks to you all. Stay strong!
Dont let this get to down, look how well you are doing!! If u have gone through this and dont crack just think you can get through anything and u then will know u can defo get to your goal weight!! you are doing so well hun not long and u will be feeling better :) we are always here when you need to rant <3<3


Taking one day at a time.
Thanks Tasha. That's true. Cxx
Keep going, the days like this as hard as they show you how well you've done before, nothing is easy which is gutting, but it shows how strong you've been to get this far. I have had a few days, sometimes a week where I've been so moody, and just want to give up, but when you get past it, you're do just fine! Keep it up, and be strong!

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