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Hitting the Day 3 wall


Is Irrepressible!! : )
The past couple of days I have been fine, no better than fine.... pretty much fantastic.

Today was a completely different story! Went to work and all was good but found it difficult to drink the water (did it anyway!) by the middle of the day I felt really weird. The best way to describe it is vague- kind of light headed and a little bit faint. I also have this really strange taste in my mouth and no matter what or how much I drink, my mouth still feels dry. However, despite all of this I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day and the symptoms were just ketosis kicking in! (Please let that be the case!!)

Did anyone else feel like this? :confused:

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rainbow brite

You've already heard my two cents on the subject sweetie so I'll just say 'hiya!!' and wait for someone else to come to the rescue and answer. Muchos love xx
The yucky taste does go hun. Either that or you stop noticing, I thought I could tast chinese special chow mein last night! Wot thats about I dont know. Youve hit the wall, now heres a lift and climb over hun. Just think a few more days till your WI and youll be flying, I pwomise!!!!!!!!!! x Keep it up chick x


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Yes it does go. Its like a coating in ur mouth and ur lips go really dry too. Passes after 3 days. Mouthwash is great. All very normal symptoms


Is Irrepressible!! : )

I didn't think it was anything to sinister- but you can never be sure!

This morning I feel ok again, although when I went out with the dog my legs felt like lead weights! Not sure if that's down to LT or going on my mini trampoline yesterday! Will be having the first shake of the day in about 40 mins so hopefully that will give me a bit of a boost and am supping a nice cup of earl grey- yum : )

Thanks to everyone xxx :D

rainbow brite



Is Irrepressible!! : )
It's not yukky.... it's yummy!!! :p

Mornin' Miss Brite xxx


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Normal symptons try & keep drinking as much water as you can. When you get home have a nice long soak & a early night you'll be fine.:)

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week3 6lb's lost
week4 4lb's lost
week5 5lb's lost
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Is Irrepressible!! : )
A really strange thing happened yesterday. After going without any food (and not feeling hungry) for 3 days, a woman came in with a chicken mayo salad which I started to covet quite badly..... and I am a veggie!

When I got home my partner had had pasta for dinner and I said "Hmm something smells nice!" He was really sweet and said "Nope nothing here- it's just your imagination" and forced me back into the living room with a cuppa! Bless him xx
Aww what a sweetie. :)

I thought you hated any poultry?! Weirdo xx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Oh, and when talking about how much I intended to lose he said, but there will be nothing left to cuddle!! :eek:

Giving with one hand.... taking away with the other!

He knows that it will be worth it in the end :D


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