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Hiya, a bit about me : )


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Ok I'm 26 and in 2007 I had my first child and conceived at 11 stone after coming off the pill it only took 6 months to catch. After my daughter was born I weighted 12st 4lbs and then slowly my periods started to move more days apart until sometimes I was going three months before having any.
My weight also kept creeping up ans up and conventional diets ww/sw did nothing for me. I have only lost weight on lt or exante since.
In 2009 i decided to do to the doc because I was always in a mood, my dh said I was like two people at different times of the months.
I had to push and push the docs for blood tests and when they came back they told me they were normal. I was not happy as I new something was wrong, i was tired ALL the time! I researched it myself and they were far from normal, my testosterone alone was above the highest range for women and the other levels were out too! they sent me for a scan and low and behold i was finally told I has PCOS! I don't think they thought it was serious as i had one child already. I was put on metformin in nov 2009 and by jan 19th 2010 i was 3 weeks pregnant with dd2 who is now 5 months.
I can now feel the effects of pcos again, as they seem to fade with pregnancy hormones rushing trough my body.
I have now not had a proper period for about 7 weeks just the odd ''old'' blood now and again and i'm starting to feel low and angry again.
I'm now weighing in at 14st 11lbs and need to move this weight as thats also making me feel worse.
I have decided to take a high dose of evening primrose oil and I'm going to buy st johns wort. I'm cutting down on carbs and sugar as I read that is good to help control pcos and I'm also making a docs appointment to go back on metformin. I'm also going to start an exercise dvd at home in the evenings to help release natural endorphines (sp?) and I need that high right now!
I don't sufer with excessive hair or bad skin just the periods and mood swings, I think I have more testoserone than my dh! :eek:

Gosh that was long, sorry and well done and thanks if you read it!
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-Didn't want to read and run-

Well done for deciding to do something about it :)
I've had blood tests that were "normal" before when I don't see how they can be either, I didn't realise you could find out the actual results though so may have to give them a ring and ask.

Good luck and take care!
I am in the same boat. I am doing sw and iam struggling to lose weight I am not sticking to it 100% (not counting syns) yet during the summer I was watching wot I ate and lost alot of weight really in a few weeks


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Thanks both. I have my docs app this morning so hoping they can give me something....i just feel like i need something but don't know what! x


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Well the Dr suggested some anti depressants for about six months, also metformin the merina coil and alli.
Although I have top go back next week because she wanted to look into what would be the best for me, which I think can only be a good thing.

She started talking about my fertility and I had to make it very clear that right now that was not a concern. It is my weight and terrible constant moods that I need help with....otherwise I wouldn't get pregnant anyway because my husband will leave after these awful moods all the time, and he always get the brunt of it, poor man!:eek:

Just hope something works because I hate feeling so moody all the time.

Did anyone else seem to find that their doctors said mood swings are not a symptom of pcos? I told mine to look on some forums and she would soon see how many people it affects with pcos. It hormones for christ sake of course it effects emotions!!!
Hi Im on metformin for my hair issue, my partner bless him puts up with all the moods because before they say i had pcos they said at 20 i was starting menopause, they gave me so much drugs full of hormones and thats caused major problems. so we dont touch anything like that as we are ttc soon and metformin seems to help with all syptoms.

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