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Hiya guys im back

Hello all,
Im home from the worst holiday of my life!:wave_cry:
If you read it in magazine you wouldnt believe it. im so totally pished off.
Plus my mum had my boxer dog for me and Layla is usually so good but my mum took her for a walk and she seen a cat and pulled my mum, the lead was caught on her wrist and the dog pulled her off a 4ft wall. She has broken her wrist, cut her face, opporsite hand and her leg is in tatters. I feel so guilty!:break_diet:

Ruthy xxx:cry:
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
welcome back ruthy - it's been quiet on here without you!

hope you're not feeling too down... accidents happen and dogs can be unpredictable! i won't even take my jack russell for a walk if i know other animals are around... he thinks he's hard and would even have a go at a rotweiler if one came near him. he went for 2 staffies at the same time once, but i had him on his harness and the staffies were of their lead, so it wasn't my fault! we got him from the rspca and i think if he were human he'd have a psychiatric nurse visit him regularly!

hope you feel better now you're back home. xx


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Ruthy, so good to have you back but sorry to hear you haven't had such a good time. Don't feel guilty about what your dog done, it's not your fault and I'm sure your mum doesn't blame you. Great to have you back though x


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Aww babes!! Welcome back. Sorry to hear it was a pants holiday :-(. I'm with the others about Layla - accidents happen and I'm sure your Mum understands. Good to have you back lovely xxx
Aw Ruthy sorry about your Mum, glad to have you back


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So sorry you didn't enjoy your hols honey! that is awful about you mom, but that wasn't your fault. I had 2 little mini schnauzers who were usually well behaved but could pull you over if they wanted to get to something!!

We are very happy to have you back hon!!!

Thank you ALL for your comments its very kind of you,
Firstly our flight with XL airways was cancelled and we were told that we would be flying with first choice....got to first choice desk and they had no record of us....which meant we held up a queue of 200+people up behind us all tutting and huffing!
Then we got to the hotel went up to our room (which i thought was a family room) to be in a "Pit" no bigger than a prison cell and there was 2 single beds and a bunk bed....couldnt swing a cat and we had to lift the bunkbeds up to open the french doors!
Then another bus load of drunk men turned up bearing in mind we were in a family hotel....they were peeing in bushes and falling over kids.....security was called, then the police because they wouldnt wise up! Food was awful....breakfast food was served at lunch and then what ever was left was served for supper blah blah.
Had my mobile phone stolen and it rained for 6 out of the seven days.

Aw Ruthy, that happened to us when we went to Spain, our hotel was a hole. Was glad to get home.


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Glad ur back Ruthy but sorry to here ur holiday wasn't the best. Hope ur Mum is on the mend soon. xx

Nanny Jax

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Awwww Ruthy, I am so sorry your holiday was a disappointment, and your mum's break is not an awkward one, like the others say it's not your fault, accidents happen. Did the children manage to enjoy themselves? There could be an upside to all this woe you know, because the hotel food was rubbish you have come back 5lbs lighter it's obvious in it???? lol.


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That sounds awful hun, you must be so glad to be home!


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Aww Ruthy hun sorry about your holiday how annoying. I bet coming on here talking to us is more of a holiday than that. Hope your mum's arm gets better soon. Welcome back anyway we have really missed you.:)


Team FFF!!!
aaww love that is awful :( *hugs* Hope your mum is on the mend as well though and try not to feel guilty, I am sure she doesn't blame you in the slightest ;) *hugs*


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Hi Ruthy
Firstly hope you mum is okay and I an sure she doesn't blame you - accidents happen but I know if you are like me you will be feeling awful.
Secondly Sorry to hear about your holiday and get the letter of complaint sorted and hopefully you will get some £ back which I know doesn't compensate for the lousy time but the TO shouln't be allowed to get away with such awful service.
PS Hugs to you and yor mum
Aww guys ive got a bit choked reading all your comment you really are a fab bunch of girls. I was itching to come on mini's when i was away, the hotel had the internet 1euro for 10 mins....but by the time i found the @sign on a spanish keyboard my 10 mins was up! fecking european sh*te!
OMG! yes i am writing a letter but i dont know how to word it as such so if anyone has any idea what to write i would be truly grateful. Thing is ive used XL airways before and the have been brilliant but they also broke my suitcase, my ghd straightners are lost and ive got no makeup. So basically i want to be as nice as possible whilst at the same time to the point to i get maximum compensation....you get me?

Btw nannyjax i think i have gained 15lbs PMSL! no in all seriousness ive walked miles and miles and miles!
So hopfully ill be ok .

So guys and suggestions on the letter?


hey if iget enough ill buy ya all a holiday heehee

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Welcome back Ruthy, sorry you had such a dreadful time. Where did you go?

Sorry about your mother, but these things happen sometimes. I hope she recovers soon, I'm sure she's not blaming the dog.


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Hi Ruthy
I am ok at writing letters but have to give it loads of thought - I am sure trading standards have some templates you can use - just type in trading standards in Google.
I used to work in travel and always remember the letters taken seriously were those that were to the point.
List all your complaints in order.
Attach any photographs/evidence (keeping copies)
Tell them what exactly you want in the way of compensation and never accept the first offer.
Send registerted post and give them 14 days to reply.
Hope this helps.

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