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O/T Eeeek! DD had her first fall today!


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Before you read on - she's fine now!

We've been doing lots of work with tilly (mostly lungeing, shola riding on lead-rein, and today jumping in-hand which tilly seems to have a flair for!) since georgia (my friend's sister) came over and sorted her out, and today shola tried tilly off the lead rein for the first time
She was brilliant!

At first, alan was walking alongside them 'just incase', but then alan would walk a few yards ahead, while shola made tilly stand and wait, then they'd walk to where al was standing and give tilly lots of praise. After a while of doing this they progressed to trotting towards al which went fine for about half an hour...

Then al decided to move even further away... probably about 30 yards or so... and when shola started trotting tilly, the trot turned into a canter (shola's never cantered before)
before a little bronching session

She properly bronched a couple of times before shola fell backwards onto tilly's bum where she was promptly bucked off of! She then did a spectacular mid-air somersault before landing flat on her back and bouncing her head off the ground

Tilly was actually quite good in once sense... as soon as she realised shola was off, she looked down and side-stepped to avoid treading on her, and walked straight towards me with her head down, like "sorry mum"

After a couple of minutes of us checking over shola and making sure there were no broken bones, i persuaded her to get back on, on the leadrope in walk only, for a few laps. She cried almost all the way round, but out of shock more than anything i think. She was so glad she got back on though, and we ended it on a good note

Tilly still got lots of praise and a treat afterwards as she'd been so good the whole time aside from that. And considering she's has 2.5 years off then is being asked to be ridden at least 3 times per week and lunged most days, i think she's dong ever so well

Shola's got a bt of a headache so she's still up watching telly with us as i want to keep an eye on her til we go to bed, but i think she'll be fine

Thank god for body protectors and hard hats i say!

I've got a new vid on youtube ( www.youtube.com/user/bekiboo26 ) of al jumping tilly in-hand, and i'm just uploading one of shola riding tilly off lead rein in trot and walk, filmed just one lap before the bronching session (ignore her leg positon... she has trouble keeping it back!) - can you believe she was riding her for about an hour in total, and i videoed the WHOLE thing in sections... but thought i'd got enough footage so turned the camera off literally 30 seconds before tilly bucked her off! shola would have loved to see it! LOL
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Beki, I'm so glad that Shola is alright and not hurt, and well done to her for getting back on her pony, love to Shola, X


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Thanks chuffy! I'll tell her you said that - she'll be so pleased :) She used to have lessons for about 4 months but we had to stop as they were so expensive :eek: She's been off lead rein before, but only on a riding school plod, and it was over 18 months ago so i thought she did really well too :D

Thanks Donnie - she's fine this morning :) She's looking forward to riding again this evening (as long as it doesn't rain which it's threatening to!), but has said she'd like to go back on the lead rein for a while until she's got her confidence back, and i don't blame her! ;)
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Awww!!! Absolutely the best thing, getting back on. Well done her...poor thing. She's riding really well though. Tilly is doing fab too...great schooling :D

I only ever had a couple of falls, luckily. One of them was hilarious. A refusal at a jump and I just went over the horse's head and over the jump and landed on my arse on the other side!


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Ooooh i did that too hellie!!! :D LOL

I'd been practising all afternoon so i could show my mum and dad and dad's business partner who was coming for dinner (basically i was showing off :eek: i was only 15). The biggest i'd ever jumped was 3ft, but clever me decided to put it up to 4ft.... on a 14.2hh pony LOL

He did it fine the first few times, but when mum, dad and stuart came to watch, he refused it and i went flying!

Well.. if truth be told it was more me sliding up his neck, hanging on for dear life, sliding round so i was hanging off the underside of his neck, then unceremoniously plopping onto the jump :eek: :D

I got up and did it again, but never attempted to do over 3ft after that!!! LOL

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