hiya im new to this

my name is charlie and i need to loose some weight again. i have previously lost 2 stone and a few pound all on my own which took me to 12st11 fab i was happy. kept it off for a year .
Then come september 2011 it all went wrong im now a stone heavyer help i need some support to help me along.

is there any one out there????

charlie xx
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S: 14st2lb C: 13st11lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.53%)
are you doing slimmind world? i follow the extra easy plan, wouldnt call it a diet tho cus its mostly what i ate before just swapping a few things round like fry light instead of oil. i lost 5lbs last week so def working for me. how much have you got to loose? xx

yeh im doing slimming world im doing red and green days
im only really starring today properly but have been on a diet ( cut out junk ) since 6th jan ive lost 3lb so im on the way lol
i would like to loose just under 2 st but my goal is 1 st at the moment
how about you ??


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S: 14st2lb C: 13st11lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.53%)
im on a green day today.have got 4- 5 stone to loose after a 3 year take out, eatin binge with my ex! would be nice to get bk in to a 12. have you tryed the extra easy plan? thats the way forward for me, you can have 1/3 of the plate free red foods 1/3 of the plate free green foods and 1/3 super free foods. meal ideas are endless.. unlimited spagetti bolignase made from pasata(instead of dominos sauce) 1/3 plate extra lean mince, with pasta 1/3 plate and all the veg you put in is the 1/3... and its a free meal! bacon (red) beans (green) eggs, tin tomatoes, mushroom, made all with fry light is another free meal.sweet and cruncy salad with bacon & jacket potato FREE! egg foo young... eggs, bean sproots, mushrooms FREE, sunday roast 1/3 meat 1/3 veg 1/3 FREE (gravey has to be counted as syns) jacket potato with tuna and sweet corn and salad FREE (mayo is counted as syn) it sounds too good to be true but it is really easy, chocolate is my down fall, u can have 2 caramel and choc hifi bars brought from slimming world as healthy extra b. oh and also if you do extra easy you can only have 1 healthy extra a and 1 b. hope this helps :D if you need any help let me know. good luck :) xx
oh wow that sounds easy lol
today i have had satsuma and grapes
i have had scrambled egg and beans on toast (hexb)
tonight i am going to have jacket potato
beans and salad with muller light and fruit for pudding so today i will have a good day


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S: 14st2lb C: 13st11lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.53%)
sounds good to me satsumas are a speed food. i need to try getin more super-speed foods in , not keen on trying new things tho, im a bit wierd like that! i like strawberrys n melon. might get a blender so i can get loads of ss foods together, blend it, down a pint a day n hope for the best lol so depresing lookin in my wardrobe at all the lush clothes i 'used to wear'! brought sum amazing multi coloured zebra heels n a matchin dress in size 12 (im size 16 at tho mo) hopfuly keep me going lol. id hate stil being the size i am now in the summer! have u made a target of how much u wana lose each week? im aiming for 3.5lbs a week, stone a month but it dosnt matter if i dnt get there that fast cus s.w got good recipes so i think ill stick to it,, cant afford lipo so sw the way forward lol :)
lol yeh im a size 16 at min i was a tight 12 in august 2011 so id be happy to get to that .
I would like to loose about 2-3lb a week but to be honist as long as im loosing a 1lb id be happy.
a loss is a loss as they say . im gonna try and qrite in my blog on here everyday to keep me motivated , hope it helps


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Hi im new here too & also started slimming world today! could you please direct me to the correct page where i can find out syn values please!!
im not to sure where it is
but i think if you go to the top of the page and go to the drop down menu for All Diets and go down to slimming world i think there something there
hope this has helped you