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hiya i'm new :)

hiya everyone,
i started weight watchers (on my own) on tuesday, i had a sneaky way in yesterday and i'd lost 3lbs :D. I was on weight watchers a few years back and lost around 3stone, however i ended up putting it all back on plus a few pounds, in part due to an ex b.f who didnt support me and who told me he didnt want to be with me as i'd lost weight :| i had went down to a size 12-ish so def not too skinny or anything.. since then i've just put loads of weight on and now i've gave myself a kick up the bum and thats me back on track :D
just thought i'd say hiya to everyone and introduce myself :) xxx
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Hello welcome and well done on your restart :)
Think your ex needs to be pushed to the back of your mind and remember how well you did before and how you want to be.
Heres to a good week 1 weigh in,I do it at home too xx
thank you everyone for your kind replies :D i cheated and had a weigh in a day early (Scales are at my mums) and i'd lost 3.5lbs this week :) kinda feels pointless as i've already lost the weight i'm loosing if that makes sense? ah well at some point i'll be loosing "new" weight lol
I am just re-starting after losing and re-gaining, I'm also "going it alone"!! I too had a bit of a sneaky weigh in today (only 36 hrs after my start :)) Good luck with your new start, hope it goes well!! I've only been posting a couple of days, but everyone is soooooo friendly and helpful and welcoming!! Take care now,

J x x
Well done I know how you feel I'm still losing the weight I regained over and over , I had 7st 8lb to go 4 stone more than my hated top weight I've now got 4 stone but it's alot harder getting the extra gain off first isn't it.
Well done maybe forget your gain take this as a brand new fresh start the new you :) xx
Miss Justina, hope your way in went well :) i've not really looked over forum 2day (slow internet :() so sorry if you've posted it,
Viva la Diva, slow and steady is usually the best way, i think it gives ur body time to get used to being smaller gradually, this time it took me two years to put the weight back on but i lost loads of weight years ago on crash diets and put LOADS extra on pretty quickly after I started,
Size102B, well done on your weight loss thats amazing :D just hope I'm able to do even half as well as you have!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Well done so far and good luck with the rest! Never let anyone tell you what to do about weight :D you look after you, nobody else will!
Well done so far and good luck with the rest! Never let anyone tell you what to do about weight :D you look after you, nobody else will!
yep thats what i've decided, I dont want to be stick thin but I want to join police or air hostess (lol no difference i know :p) and both you have to be a "normal" weight so its more for that than what others think of me at the moment i couldnt care less... if i'm with someone who is so interested in how i look and go in a huff with me if i change isnt worth the effort - people are gunna change one way or another lol! x
Hi weemissnaughty, welcome and well done on your weight loss so far! Also good luck in your plans to join the police or become an air hostess, it always help in losing weight if you've got a goal to aim for. :)
welcome and good luck with your journey...onwards and downwards ;)

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