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    I'm new to this forum but certainly not new to weight loss or shall I say attempting to lose weight. I seem to be on a continual cycle of weight loss, weight gain and never seem to be able to maintain my weight at a healthly level.

    I'm a comfort and emotional eater and whilst I know the right things to eat, and do, have never been able to do it. I lead a busy life, so routine is good for me, and struggle to find healthly things to cook in a hurry.

    I'm recently married and lost 3 stone prior to the wedding and since that time, have put about a stone on.

    Need to weigh myself, but my scales are broken so plan to buy new ones this weekend and start again on Monday. I find WW is good for me for need help maintaining and sticking on target.

    Would like to lose at least 3 stone, as i'm 33 this year and would like to start a family as I'm conscious we're not getting any younger. Any help and support would be greatly appreciated and I will try and help you all your own personal journey's.

    About Me
    I work full time as an office manager and manage a large and diverse team and am also an extremely active volunteer in St John Ambulance, In October 2013, I started Ballet once a week, and am set to continue this class, and am thoroughly enjoying it, and am about to enrol in another dance class on Monday. I like to swim but have lost my motivation for that recently, but am trying to get it back as it is a good stress reliever and do go on the cross trainer that I have in the house when I have the motivation. I find that I don't have many friends that live in my local area and find that makes me lonely but have resolved this year, that I'm going to be positive and keep positive.

    Sorry to go on a bit, but least you have a good introduction to me
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  3. babypat

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    Hi welcome to the forum and good luck with ur weight loss journey.
  4. bubblyuk

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    good luck hun :)

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