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    I'm Holly, I'm 26 and I'm on a diet!

    I joined sw for the 3rd time 3 weeks ago, I kept finding this website when googling for syns so thought I'd join and say hello. I'm feeling really positive for my road to weight loss and looking forward to helping and getting help from others in the same boat.

    Good luck!
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  3. Hiya Holly!

    I'm 24 and back on slimming world for the 4th time! I do so well, miss going to a class and one cheat meal becomes a cheat week and then a cheat month - and I cant face going back !!

    HOWEVER - like you I'm feeling really positive this time.

    Where you off to on your holiday? My goal is to look nice and slim for my Work Summer Ball so need to get into a nice slinky dress!

    Good luck on your journey! xxx
  4. WedRellies

    WedRellies Full Member


    Thank you Katie, I'm the same, I find I do really well, but once I have a slight slip I can't get back on track till the next weigh in!

    I'm off to Portugal in June as a last holiday abroad before my son starts school in sept, will have to save for years to afford a holiday in school time prices!

    Oo I used to have summer balls at work, great motivation to stick to plan, what day do u weigh in and are u following from home or going to groups?

    I go Mondays...which I can't decide if it's good as will have to be good at weekends, bad as, well I have to be good at weekends!!

  5. How lovely!! Yeah the prices are doubled during summer holidays - not fair at all!

    You will have a lovely time there! Holidays are brilliant motivation!

    Its our first in years so I've been told (I've been there 4 years and not had one!) and the whole company is invited so I want to make a good impression!

    I weigh in on a Saturday - I'm following from home at the moment as my Mums doing it with me so we can motivate each other - the £5 is going in a pot each week for my new clothes fund!

    Monday is a killer but like you said it is good but bad too! It was hard resisting temptation for a takeaway last night! haha xx
  6. WedRellies

    WedRellies Full Member

    That's a lovely idea for the new clothes fund! I hate that I cave if I don't go to the meetings, I lost 1st4 the last time I went but as soon as I left to follow at home I put it all back on, I think I need the fear of someone else weighing me and seeing.

    Fingers crossed for us both then!

  7. boris666

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    Cool idea and good luck

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