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Hmmm no loss this week!

Yes the dreaded totm. I'm going to struggle on Friday due to that being due, and the fact I haven't been great this week :( I'm sure you'll get a good loss next week :)


Is feeling the love!
You'll be fine, I think most people hit the wall by about week 2 or 3. It's just the body adjusting.

I haven't lost any weight for about 2 months!! I am back on track and loving it again now. But it does get to you when you don't see a loss on the scales.

Don't forget to get the tape measure out too. I have lost inches when I haven't lost pounds. xx
Lind, I've noticed that my scales aren't moving but definitely seeing a difference in the mirror and the way my clothes fit. Though I just can't comprehend how that can be without any pounds lost. Why is it? Can you explain? Might motivate me to keep going even when the scales are letting me down.
Probably because you are burning fat so losing the inches, but also building your muscle which weighs more than the fat, so you may not be seeign the scales going down, but can see you are losing the flabby bits! Happens quite a lot esp if you haven't been exercising that much before, and then start to exercise regulary.


Is feeling the love!
Hi, I'll try and explain.....

5lb of fat is about the same size as a loaf of bread, and 5lb if lean muscle is about the size of your hand. It's not that muscle weighs more than fat it's just has more density.

In reality, what has probably happened to your body is one of two things. The first is your body is trying to cope with the new eating habbits and has slowed down for a little while. The second thing is if you have been working out then you'll more than likely have lost fat but replaced it with your muscles becoming stonger.

It's difficult because you want to look in the scales and see them going down every time you get on them but it doesn't happen. It helps me to remeber the scales are a tool, they are not the be all and end all of my weight loss and though I haven't lost a pound since April I have been working out a lot and my body has really changed a lot. (even my fingers!!lol).

I hope that helps a wee bit for you, and I'm always here if you need a chat! xx
Well I was a bit naughty, cos it wasn't my weigh day today, but I weighed myself this morning and was 9st 1lb which means I have lost 2lb now my period has finished - woohoo!!!:D

Let's hope I can maintain that over the weekend when I am stressed trying to write an assignment!!!
It's going better than I thought- it just took a trial to find that out. I have really been sticking to the letter of the law since I started, and wasn't having a bit of trouble doing it. A friend (very overweight and big eater) stayed the weekend and I let my guard down to "enjoy myself." It led to sever stomach cramps, bloating and other not so nice problems. And I wasn't even craving the stuff I was eating. I took her home last night, and got straight back on the Slim Fast and small evening dinner today. I already feel loads better. So not only did I learn my lesson, I think I've broken a lot of bad habits that I have had for a lifetime. This was a great kick in the head. Just what I needed. :happy036:


Is feeling the love!
I so know what you mean. I have friends coming down next weekend (also very over weight) and I know she will try and feed me. She has been telling me not to loose any more weight for ages and it can get a bit stressfull. So I am going to get loads of fruit in and eat that.
Good for you. At least you are going into it with the right plan. (and thanks for being an inspiration). Believe it or not, I do think about your posts to keep my fire lit under me.


Is feeling the love!
You've already lost 2 pound, which in volume is nearly half a loaf!!!

When I got to 50 pound lost I went to Tesco and put 10 loaves of bread in the trolley and took a photo of it. I could not believe the amount there was there!!! That is never going back on, even if I never loose another pound I am never putting on again either.

And I lost 2pound this week, the first weight to go since Easter!!
Yey - lost some this week!

Only 1lb, but after I had a big fat beanburger and chips with garlic dip last night after Uni that's still quite impressive!:D

I have lost a total of 5lb in 4 weeks and am 9st 2lb. I just really want to get under the magical 9st mark - not been under that in over 18 months. Problem is I tend to find I am ok on SF during the week, but I get so tempted at the weekend with take-aways and wine!

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