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Mistress Mush!


Finally a size 12!
Ive bought a prom type dress in size 12 keep trying it every day ha ha ha cant zip it yet thats my dress im gonna wear when im done and go out for a drink
I was wondering, Anybody whos started CD got an outfit or something that they have bought, just for when they get to goal weight?
I dont know whether to do it or not? Would be a good incentive i suppose?:confused:
I have a versace winter coat in a size 10 that I would just love to be wearing this winter. I got it for free from one of my mums neighbours who changes her wardrobe every season (she has a few bob!:D).
If I didn't have this I would probably buy something off ebay in a size 10 because I'm not 100% that I'll make it to that size and I wouldn't want to waste to much money.
I think having an outfit to aim for is a really great idea and I would recommend it to anyone.
I agree having something in a size you want to get is a great incentive. I have size 14jeans haha sooo funny at the mo no where near fitting me!!!


This is the last time!!
I have the suit I got married in 8 years ago. It is a size 16 and was loose on me then. I wouldn't wear it anywhere, but knowing I could fit into it would make my day!
My dream at the moment is to have a nice matching bra and pants set. Does that sound weird? I've reached the grand old age of 30 without ever having had a nice matching set of underwear. Boobs are only a b cup but 42" round so buying bra's is nigh on impossible. And as for anything pretty to match in a size 22 pant, well, it just ain't happening!
Me too! I've never had a matching underwear set, I think I may have to get a gorgeous one when I get to goal :D

I'm going to get some size 12 jeans from ebay or primark as something to aim for over the next week or 2, then some size 10 jeans to aim for by August!

I posted a dress that I would love to get into, its not expensive and this month I have the money so I am going to get it and it will be my inspiration and will hopefully be able to get into it for xmas, with a shrug this is the dress

Goal Dress.jpg
Hehehe...honey...I bought a lots of clothes...all in smaller sizes. I just thought that as I got lower I would have new clothes at every size...kinda like a new wardrobe. I bought them all when they were on super low mega cheap sales...so I paid next to nothing. But I do have a choice couple of items that when I get down to them 12 and 14 I will look like a sexy little minx!! hehehhe
Whenever I went down a size like from an 18 to a 16, I also used to by something in a 14 as my next thing to aim for.



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I bought a bustier ages ago and it was too tight but i thought I'd slim into it. I promptly put on 3 stone lol. Now my aim is to get into that with a pair of nice jeans and killer heels and look fab for my 30th.

Roz x


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Well, I have a pair of trousers as a goal, these where old though.

but! I have to admit, I have brought a good £250 worth of size ten holiday clothes! (was about at 14 when I brought them and now a 12)

Now as soon as i brought them, my weight loss slowed right down (Like a lb a week max at the mo) , and now I am worried that I wont get in them in time! (Sods law or what!) but saying that, it is stoping me from cheating as I know I can not afford a cheat if I am going to get in them in time!
I have clothes in all sizes all the way down to a 14!!! none of them are in fashion but all they are for are my markers of how far i have come....for every pound I lose i am putting £5 away ready for my new wardrobe! and i so agree with the matching undies! Agetn provacateur here we come!

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