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Hmmpphh - stuck in a rut

Well the title says it all.... I'm fed up and don't know what to do.

I love slimming world, but I've been doing it on and off for the last 4 years. I did well at the start and lost 3 stone, but since then I've just stayed the same, give or take half a stone.

I want to stay with SW, but I know I'll do really well for a few weeks and then slip into the "STS" cycle.....

I've tried cambridge and it wasn't for me, so I think I may give WW a try, I don't really want to have to weigh everything, but I feel SW is so familar to me that I cheat. I need to break the cycle and get back to basics again.

Has anyone else felt like this? Advice pls xxx :break_diet:
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i feel like this right now. hoping someone can come and kick us up the butt and get us motivated again
I think sometimes when things become familiar we do tend to think we know what we are doing and maybe dont get the results we deserve.
Get back to basics. Reread the books and learn the diet again and fill out your food diary. Do not allow just one bit extra and fill up on fruit. Try some of the free food you havent got around to trying and drink loads of water.
Go on stay on SW - we would miss you if you went
Thanks both..... I've had a week off plan and really didn't enjoy it that much, I just came back from holiday wanting normal food again.

I'll wait until Monday (back to work / reality) and then decide what I'm going to do....


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I'm not on SW but i think the advice is excellent, just start all over again and write it all down that way you cant cheat coz it's written down x Good luck x


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hi hun i have been feeling like this for a while now and i have decided to give ww a go and i start on thursday. i think i need to try something different as i am getting fed up with sw but whos to say i wont get bored off ww and go back to sw i think you have to do what you mind tells you to do . i spoke to my sw leader yesterday and she was really nice about it .xx
Im with you Lou (although Ive only been doing it for bout 5 months) but I felt I needed a break, so I had a two week break and am back on it now. I know what you mean bout getting comfy with it - what bout trying Fast Forward for a week to kick start your weight loss again? or writing everything you eat down and trawling through to see where you might be going wrong? or setting yourself little challenges like trying a diff speed food everyday or eating diff HA's and HB's just some ideas Ive been toying with for myself xxx
oh and how rude of me - did you have a nice hol? where'd you go? xxx


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Lou, I felt like this last year and I switched to Slim Fast for a few months. It soon made me realise how lucky I was to be a SWer and to have the freedom of no weighing and measuring! It was horrible to come to the end of your allowance and not be able to eat anything else for the whole day! The change worked for me but only because I'd become too complacent and started to take the plan for granted.
you know when you do Slim fast what can you have for your main meal? is it a certain amount of calories? x


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Yes you can have 600 cals for your main meal and 3 100 cal snacks throughout the day. But I just allowed myself 900 calories and spread it all throughout the day cus I am a bit of a picker!

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