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Hey folks, apart from slimming and posting on here what are your hobbies and does SW get in the way of these?

I'll make a start, mine are snowboarding, going to the gym, Thai Boxing and reading.

I envisage SW getting in the way of snowboarding for me this winter when we go to Canada because when you are cold and have been boarding all day, all you want to do is have a really warm hot chocolate and loads of stodgy food because of how active your day is. Dont know how i'll overcome that one :confused::)

How about everyone else?
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I play the saxophone (no direct problem with SW there) and like to do crafty stuff - sewing, knitting, card making etc. That is good for my dieting as it keeps my hands busy! Music takes up the majority of my time though. The only thing that potentially throws up problems is getting food at gigs (no control) and avoiding the booze temptations.


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Baking is my main hobby. I just find is so relaxing and theraputic. I'm learning to resist eating all of what i make though. I tend to bake cupcakes, cakes, tarts etc and eat a little piece then give the rest to family and friends. I'm hoping to do it as a career one day.

I'm also a massive reader. I just can not be without a book. I go through them so quickly x


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I grow veg (which is great for the diet) read , consult my Angel oracle cards,( I'm a big believer in Angels) and adore orchids. And I love cooking Indian ,Thai and Chinese food. Oh and I'm into tai chi and crystals and acupuncture..... did I mention I'm obsessed withaltenative therapies?


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I LOVE to read

I am getting rather into reading into Tudor history too randomly lol

I do a lot of scrapbooking/crafty stuff. Enjoy glass and pottery painting too

Big animal person - adore my pets and devote a lot of time to them

EDIT: Der forgot my main passion - music. Listen to it pretty much solidly at work and learning piano. Used to play violin and tempted to get another one at some point

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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i love reading and am currently half way through breaking dawn flippin brilliant . have got a new book from library called the time travellers wife thought the movie trailer looked brill . has anyone read this book ? also love going to the cinema am off to see g-force on fri night a disney film about guinea pigs (big kid that i am )


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My hobbies are........ listening to music, playing DS, playing Wii, entering competitions on the radio and in mags, cinema, watching tv, theatre....things like that.


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Wow, thats awesome!

My mum is a spiritualist and does crystal healing so she is into all alternative therapies such as Reiki (sp?) as well.
I would so love to train as a Reiki healer! Maybe one day! I think your Mum and I were separated at birth! It's just I lost my intuition somewhere!
i love reading and am currently half way through breaking dawn flippin brilliant . have got a new book from library called the time travellers wife thought the movie trailer looked brill . has anyone read this book ?
I've read it! A couple of years ago mind, but I loved it.... a brilliant book :)


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I'm qualified in reflexolgy, indian head massage and have done Reiki 1 to boost those. Used to have a mobile practice but life sort of took over and that got put on the back burner, shame though cos I loved it.

Nowadays I play in a rock covers band which is hellishly good fun, I keep chickens, grow my own veg, I love to cook, keep tropical fish and adore my house bunny, Bodie.



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I love music, cant go out without my ipod, love walking, hiking (when i'm in the right frame of mind), swimming, going to gigs, going to festivals, traveling, and reading. :D x
I play netball, go to the gym, and swim.. Have a real passion for snowboarding too - go to the indoor centre at Milton Keynes a fair bit and off to andorra next Feb!!!

k xx
I love Horse Riding, Reading, Cross Stitch, Watching Films and Socialising. I think the Films and the Socialising might play a part in my SW downfall :)


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I love Cross Stitch, Reading, Crosswords, Suduko and any kind of puzzle's & quizzes, my PC, Music.

And since starting SW I have got back into cooking 'from scratch' again and I am really enjoying it too, I was using the microwave and cook in sauce's far too much before....so it's nice to get back to basic's again.
I am a qualified dance teacher :D Only recently given it up to spend more time with my family

I have danced since I was 7 and I have won All England Championships 3 times :eek:
Wow that's amazing! I danced for about 11 years before i gave it up as a teenager to go smoke and hang out with my friends! What a mistake!
I think i need a new hobby, but i always begin something only to find i have no actual time to do it in! I suppose my 2nd job is my hobby (which i am hoping to turn into a career) and any time i have to myself after that i pamper - manicures, pedicures, facemasks - whilst watching trashy tv!
Always makes me feel that little bit girly and pretty!


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Great thread!

Outside of work I fill my time with my veg patch and garden, love growing my own veggies :)

I love walking especially in the Yorkshire Dales but anywhere will do! I'm also a crafter, I make cards, knit, cross stictch - would love to start scrapbooking - maybe next year!

I love to read too and a big passion of mine is cooking. Love it!! I've recently started baking and would love to do a sugarcraft course in the future.

Sadly I don't get nearly enough time to do all of these things but the cooking, gardening and walking take priority and I can do all of these things with the family which is a bonus!!
I love the usual....swimming, tv, movies and music, and I do go to the gym.

I used to play netball twice a week for a league, but I broke and dislocated my ankle as a result last year on the court, and havnt played since. Im too scared! Eeeek! :sigh: Shame because I really enjoyed it before. I am now terrified of going out in the rain, the snow, the ice or anything I can slip on. So I need another sport that is low impact on ankles,that I can get in to? Any ideas?


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Seems to be lots of crafty folk around here as well as book-lovers.

Well add me to the list. I always have a book in my bag. I'm keeping a list of the books I've read this year. It was supposed to be for a "Read 100 books in a year" challenge online. I'm not going to make 100 but I'm up to 37 so far.

My passion is making patchwork quilts but I also do other crafts like cross-stitch, needlepoint, lace-making, knitting and crochet. All very good for keeping the hands occupied! At the moment I'm making a few kiddies quilts for Project Linus, a charity that provides blankets and quilts for kids in hospital.

I also love going to the cinema and theatre, cooking and going to the gym.

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