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  1. coffeedrinker

    coffeedrinker Member

    Has anyone found a new interest or hobbie since starting Lipotrim? If so what was it? And is/did it help?
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  3. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Going to bed much earlier than I used to is my latest hobby since starting LT! LOL! To escape the hunger!
  4. coffeedrinker

    coffeedrinker Member

    Yep me too! I have also started taking a bit of time to pamper myself and get into certain tv programs. X
  5. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    snooker. hours at a time.:D
  6. Emmy_lu

    Emmy_lu Silver Member

    Reading all the stories on this website! Lol
  7. Volstern

    Volstern Full Member

    I've started watching TV shows at certain times to help distract me. I hope to introduce some daily walking in to my routine in the next week or so, which of course will bring more benefits than just being a distraction from wanting food
  8. nuzzy

    nuzzy Full Member

    I clean and browse online at clothes I WILL be able to wear soon x
  9. Volstern

    Volstern Full Member

    Actually found myself becoming interested in Photography again after many years. Good thing is, I can take up a couple of hours on the Computer manipulating and having fun with the pictures etc.

  10. JustDi

    JustDi Full Member

    I always liked cake baking and decorating, still doing it. The hardest think is not to lick my fingers when working:drool:
  11. Calliginosity

    Calliginosity Full Member

    Actually got back into art. Gave it up on the logic ''I'm fat and therefore ugly, I don't want to do anything, it's pointless, nothing I ever produce will be pretty from such an ugly person.''

    Whatever. Got back on track. Check it ooouuuttt!

  12. Emmy_lu

    Emmy_lu Silver Member

    Wow your really good , good on ya
  13. Kemstah

    Kemstah Full Member

    That his amazing
  14. Kemstah

    Kemstah Full Member

    Meant "that" is lol
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