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Hobby Ideas!


The Diet Guy
Really looking for a new hobby to get my teeth into.

For the next 4 weeks or so I am off work so have a lot of time on my hands.

I am not arty at all (wish I was!!) and Jo doesn't want to much crap in the house so got to be small whatever I do.

So has anyone got any good hobbies they can recommend to stop me going mad with boredom!


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I know this sounds sad but when was the last time you did a jigsaw, I bought my teenage son one for xmas 500 pieces really complicated picture of hundreds of cartoon people.

We got so hooked when we finished it we went out and bought another.

Everyone has to join in they cant help themselves we spent some great time together doing them.

God how old do i sound :eek:

Trust me you will love it

dont know how creative you are but reading your posts on your tummy tuck it seems you can write well.

Hows about you write a book, maybe on CD and your surgey?


The Diet Guy
Oooh a jigsaw is a good idea.

Also the book is a good idea, I wrote a much longer diary when I did sole source that I never put on the web as I have never had time to type in up tidy so maybe that is an idea!




Not dieting ATM!
Good ideas above!

Also was wondering about looking on the internet for a model kit. Something quite complex for example a remote control boat. Then when you are up and about you could proudly go sail it on the local pond with your kiddies.

Dizzy x


Fed up of being fat
You could try on-line gaming, quite good if you enjoy being on the pc, are a bit competitive and if you enjoy playing games? Its also good socially as you get to interact with lots of peeps online too?


Fed up of being fat
Oh by the way I mean massive online multiplayer games ..... wow, bf2, guild wars, cod, ..... lol .... Im now starting to wonder if perhaps Ive confused you all and will wonder what the hell Im on about?!


Silver Member
'Eve' online gaming seems to be a great way of 'losing yourself for a complete day' my husband does this often when im at work and hes supposed to be building the patio!

other than that how about watching something like 24 or Lost from start to finish or the whole stars wars epilogues. we have a friend whos recovering from a kidney transplant and we keep sending over dvds to watch.

oh and waht about reading? that can while away the hours, and you can put the book down when you need a snooze

get well soon
how about knitting?? although i think writing a book would be a really good use of the enforced rest!

Also maybe you could help me out grrr - i have written a very basic website using Publisher and have my domain name hosted etc - this is where i get a bit shaky - i use the Wise FTP software the hoster recommended and by some miracle got the website up - however now i've changed it and i've uploaded it to all the areas shown in the FTP manager (i just do it everywhere in the hope that one will work!) and i can't get it to change!!! Any idea what i need to be looking for??

Cheers mate!
Hi Mike

I've found your diary very inspiring and wish you well with your recovery from the TT!

How about researching your family history and creating your family trees? A lot of it can be done online - ancestry.com can get you started - and it gets completely absorbing and addictive, like a long detective story with you in the middle of it!

I think everyone's suggestion about writing a book is spot on, too. I used to earn my crust writing, and you're a natural writer and narrator and could do this, particularly as you have a bit of a media profile now! Have you thought about researching some publishers and approaching them with your profile some ideas? Have a look at the book 'Diary of a Facelift' on Amazon.co.uk - the links will take you into other cosmetic surgery and diet books and their publisher details.

Course, if that all sounds like hard work, we'd just enjoy reading on!

All the best

OOh, great idea Bagpuss. Icemoose does write very engagingly (I love his "direct" comments about life, the universe and everything!) and the subject matter is very "now". Plus finishing off with a lovely gruesome op reported in all it's graphic detail - can't fail to be a bestseller!


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when i gave up smoking a few years ago(smoke again now tho) i started doing cross stitch, they are real easy to do and ive got a few i need to frame now as i got the me to you bears and they look great, surprisingly enough my uncle does loads of them and has even done a portrait of himself (poser!!) lol


Minimins gal x
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Hi Mike am pleased to hear that you are back home on on the way to recovering from your tt.
Have you considered playing around with paint shop pro software i know u say u r not arty but neither am i but i am learning to make signatures and animation pics to put in my posts.
If you are intersted you can always download a free trial of the software to get u started.
Take care, luv Roch x


The Diet Guy
Thanks everyone for the lovely ideas!! I am now debating what to do!!!

Icemoose, if you fancy having a go at cross stitch, I have a couple of kits that you are welcome to have.
Hope your boredom doesnt get too bad.
What about gathering up all the bits and pieces lying around the house that you don't want any more and trying to sell them on ebay. You'd need someone to take them for posting though...

Best of luck with the recovery. My 2 c-sections were not fun experiences but now the scars are hardly visible.

P.S. My ticker is out of date but this morning at home first thing I was 0.5 lb away from goal :eek::D:D:D- thanks to your inspiring blog!

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