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Hola :o) Thinking of joining you

Hi everyone,

I usually live on the Xenical board of the Minis but am seriously thinking of giving Lipotrim a try.

I wondered if anyone knows if you can take it alongside the Xenical and if it makes any difference only taking it for a few weeks?

I don`t have much luck losing weight despite not cheating and exercising (have a naff body - Underactive Thyroid and PCOS) and although I have lost some weight with the Xenical it`s hardly any and not working fast enough for me :(

I lost 21-22lbs by myself before coming to a standstill which is when I started the Xenical and so far i`ve lost 13.8lbs in 9-10 weeks.

I am meeting one of my idols next month - The actor Peter Facinelli (Dr Carlisle Cullen from Twilight amongst other roles he has played) and having my photo taken with him and I am desperate to lose a stone or so before then which is making the Lipotrim SO tempting!! I don`t want to look at the photos and just see some big fat heffer next to someone as gorgeous as him!

I figure there must be some fat in the Lipotrim and Xenical only works on fat so should be safe afaik?

I am currently 14st 8lbs - I have soooo much to lose :cry:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

LiSe Xxx

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Hi there.

Firstly i have no idea what xenical is so can't advise on anything going with it :) Is it a diet pill? If so, there's no reason why you would need to take it if you're doing LT, no need at all in fact i'd imagine it's highly UNrecommended. but others here will know better.

Secondly, I'd say that LT shouldn't be used as a quick fix as you need to re-learn eating habits and triggers (in my opinion!). If you don't then you run the risk of havng a massive weight gain once you finish Lipotrim... that's not to put you off, rather to convince you to try it longer term ;)

However, you could certainly lose a stone (if not more) within a month.

Plenty of people on LT have PCOS (including myself) and find it no barrier to losing weight at all, whereas other diets have been a real struggle - so you should have no worries there.

Again though, not recommended as a quick fix - it's a lifestyle change. Maybe go to the lipotrim website and find out more about the diet and how it works (or search some of the sticky threads in the Liportim forum :))

Good luck with your decision - LT's a fab diet and I can't recommend it highly enough to someone who's really dedicated to changing their life!
I would just do the switch onto lt dunno if both could be done

LT works great though and is highly recomended in my book

As said though its not for the quick fix its for the lifestyle change


I will be skinny again!!!
Yup, agree will Elle, its not a quick fix

I can honestly say this diet is amazing!!

And aslong as you can control your eating after you should be fine!!

If your serious about losing weight then yes LT is for you

And you wont need to take xenical along with it, I dont know about it either but you arent allowed to take anything along with LT.

And LT works for people with PCOS and under active thyroids!

Let us know what evr you decide to do :) good luck and I hope you enjoy meeting you actor :) xxx


Silver Member
I've done Xenical and to be honest I thought it was rubbish. This diet knocks spots off every diet I've tried. Dump the Xenical and join the LT train, it's really hard at first but get the first week under your belt and you'll see why it's so fantastic. I wouldn't mix Xenical with LT as firstly I don't think it would be healthy and secondly I doubt it would make any difference to your weight loss.
Wow! So many replies already, Thankyou all so much :D

I know it isn`t a quick fix and losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle choice not yo-yo dieting :)

I don`t actually have trouble keeping weight off as I eat relatively healthily and exercise. I just have trouble losing what is already there (gained when I wasn`t in a better place head and lifestyle wise). I have maintained my weight loss so far, Just need to lose the rest :(

I would still have weight to lose if I managed to lose a stone or so in the next few weeks, I just thought it might give me a boost to continue with the Xenical.

I hope this makes sense :confused:

Thanks again for the replies and well done all of you on your weight loss so far

LiSe Xxxx



I will be skinny again!!!
It is completly your choice, you may start LT and find you really enjoy it and want to see it through to the end, or you may hate it but as you say it will give you a boost to continue your weight loss

If I were you I would give it ago, atleast then you could say you tried it and didnt like it instead of wondering :) xxxx
I think you`re right Chelly :)

Even if it doesn`t work out, At least I gave it a shot right?

Thanks again

deffinatley go for it give it a couple of weeks and you will know if its right for you
Yep :D I can always stop if it`s not for me :)

Thanks x


Staff member
I wondered if anyone knows if you can take it alongside the Xenical and if it makes any difference only taking it for a few weeks
Xenical works on the fat content of what you eat...

Lipotrim has very little fat, so taking Xenical would not make any difference to your weight loss.

You would need to discuss with your Pharmacist about switching from Xenical to Lipotrim as they may want your system to clear of Xenical for a while before starting as Xenical is a very powerful medication.

Love Mini xxx

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