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Holiday advice please

Husband's ~ don't you just luvum. I'm nearly at goal ~ started 790 this weekend, planning to 790 it for iro 2wks and move up to 1000. Feeling really focussed, with the home straight in sight.

Got a week off work starting 20th Aug and my oh and me had planned to finish off a few DIY jobs around the house ~ or so I thought. OH returns from work on Friday and announces that he'd been into town in his lunch break and has booked a last minute break away. We are now going to Gran Canaria for a week from 20th :eek:

I am of course thrilled, but...... what on earth do I do now. Ok, so i'll have done a week of 790 before we go, but then what. Do try and take bars & tetra's, so I can still get in my 3 CD products daily.

Do I just forget CD for a week ~ and just try to make healthy choices and keep off the carbs. I reckon I'll put weight on even doing that, coz I'll not have gone through maintenance properly.

Hoping that when I get back the damage won't be too bad ~ do I then go back to SSing, or go back to 790 and continue with the plan as before :confused: Help.... I haven't got a clue and i'm already panicking about a weight gain after being so good all the way til now.
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I would take the stuff with you and try and stick to the diet as much as you can. I just had 18 days in NZ and didnt have a problem sticking to the diet.
Crikey ~ that's good going ~ so I take it that it's ok to take foodstuff's into other countries? I suppose it would be best to take shakes (rather than bars or tetra's), but i've no idea how I'd mix em up? What did you do?
personally i would forget the diet, it is only for a week, eat healthy and cut down on the carbs then when u come back go straight back on the 790 for a couple of weeks then move up the plans.
That is what i would do but whatever u decide have a great time :D
Only you can make the choice if you want to do cd on holiday, you already know my personal view on myself when on holiday lol It depends on several things, when you come off cd completely for some people it can be hard going back to it afterwards, if you take cd on holiday you can always do 1000 plan where you have a breakfast, and two shakes/soups ect through the day and a meal so that you can eat out with your hubby and choose from 1000 plan list so limited carbs and then protein and veg.

Whatever you choose to do your cdc will support you and knowing what an excellant slimmer you are any weight you do put on (If you choose to eat off plan)will be soon off anyway xxx

I just got back from a two week holiday in Ayia Napa, lots of lovely food and lots of drinking but I only put on 2lbs (my CDC was amazed...so was I) I ate a lot of omlettes and we only had two meals a day (too hot to eat!) I think it helped that we walked everywhere as well as I usually drive everywhere because I don't live near anything!
Have a great holiday by the way and congratulations on your weight loss x
Aww you guys are just great ~ thanks for the advice

Jules ~ yeh you're the best :D gotta say if it wasn't for having you as such a brill CDC then I would not be here today ~ so big up for you (as the young ones these days say).

I reckon I'll take bars & tetras with me and try to stick to a 1000 plan when I'm away ~ at the end of the day it is only a week. If I put a few llbs on then I'll either ss or 790 it until I get to where I was before I went.

Hope everyone is having a fab wkend :D

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