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Holiday advice?

Hi Everyone...

Right i am going on holiday for a week in 3 weeks time... but when i am on holiday i have decided to completely come off of the diet. I am not going to go mad but i want to feel as though i can have a drink and some nice food on holiday.. i have had it booked for a year now and it going to be the only holiday i can go on in the next 3 years so the least thing i want to be worrying about is my diet!
I intend to eat healthily whilst there..we are staying in our own villa so i will do a weeks shop for fruit/salad and healthy BBQ food ect when we get there.. i will also be doing lots of walking and swimming!!

the thing i need advice on really i whether or not i should come of CD the week before i go too to get me back into eating properly (healthily of course) so that i don't feel poorly if i have a drink/food whilst i am away?

I also intent do get straight back on the diet the day i get back and will arrange this meeting with my CDC on Tuesday

Thanks guys.. any advice about other peoples experiences on holiday would be great too xxx
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Hi Kelly,

It sounds as if you have a good plan in place, I hope you have a great holiday.

Re your question about coming off CD the week before you go on hols: I wouldn't go off the diet completely but I would go to a higher plan for a week or 5 days before than the one you are on now (assuming you're on sole source at the mo that would be 810 kcals).

I did 3 months of sole source and went away for a long weekend beginning of May, it was supposed to be my 810 cals week but I went a bit overboard on my first day of hols / 810 cals week, I had half a falafel wrap, a hot chocolate, half a small muffin and half a chocolate bar in the evening. I felt fine (if very full) afterwards but woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pains / cramps and felt as if I could throw up any minute. I guess everyone is different and perhaps I just have a sensitive stomach but it wasn't a nice start of my holiday!

So yes, definitely make sure you're stomach is used to having some food before having a whole week of food again.

Hope this helps. x


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ditto to Agnes, i went away to Amsterdam in may and had food and drink and felt exceptionally full but then was is so much pain the next day - cramps, feeling sick. I think it's just over doing it! i don't know what my body needs anymore or when it's full because i don't feel hungry to start with! try 810 for the week before and then when you are away just have a little and often - try to avoid huge meals in the first few days because you don't know your stomach anymore! Hope you have a lovely time and everyone needs a break from the diets sometimes but sounds like you have you head straight with meeting with your CDC when your back! x


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I'm going on holiday in August and if Im still SS by then I plan to do the 810 plan for the week leading up to hols. I've had several evenings of eating food for various things and I've been left feeling full and uncomfortable. I think this also has something to do with me not finding the balance between normal/large portion sizes!

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