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holiday binge buster diet

Dont do it!!!! Eat crap i mean. Only 1 more day you have done soooooo well. Go on girl only a few more hours until you can go to the safety of your bed (by that i mean you cant eat when your sleeping!!!!!).
lol, I'm making sure I go to bed when my 2 boys go to bed,
just about to have my lunch, a morrisons ready meal sweet chili chicken & noodles(325 cals, having me t at lunch, and vice-versa),
ended up going to bed at 7:30, and watching tv in bed,
now all I have to do is wait til 7pm tonite, will have my fingers crossed,
The things we do to lose that little bit xtra lol
That is brilliant, 2lbs in 3 days. Sounded hard work though. I am away again next week and then on a hen weekend so will probably have to have a go once all my jollies have been and gone!!!

Well Done. 5st 3lbs is amazing!!!! Almost another person.!
well I'm back after me 10 days holiday, tried to eat as healthy as I could, and only had 1 cream tea (boy was it delish).
so back to normal now, (been back bout 90 mins), and have started the binge buster again for 2 days (wi on wed eve)
Hi Tigerfan, your back!!!!

Sounds like you managed an awful lot of self control, unlike me who has eaten everything and anything in sight, dont know what it is with me!! Anyway i really need to get some control back but am struggling with the motivation at the moment as i have a migraine at mo and they generally last a couple of days.

Good luck with your holiday binge buster diet (you did really well last time!) and i will try and draw my inspiration from you.

Keep us posted, it seems to have been really quiet while we have been on our hols.

Good luck.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i'm off away at the weekend and i'm panicing a bit now were off to an american style restaurant and i'm not gonna lie to you ladies you don't get served a plate so much as a buffet, is it really sad if i exercise whilst away ?


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
thats so good, i dont think i have the will power, maybe i can get up and do laps and stuff in the pool on the morning. Good Luck Jo

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