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Holiday booked for about 2 weeks into RTM, hmm, problem??


Hate it but doing it!
Hey everyone,
i know you're all sensible and will give me a better answer than my counsellor, (soz but it is true :banghead:).
My 100 days is up on the 16th April, :bliss: however i may stay off the grub for a month longer as i'd ideally like to lose 5 stone in total.
But.................we've booked a 2 week holiday :gen157:eek:n the 1st June and we're going half board. This will be our first holiday since our honeymoon a couple of years ago and i'm not sticking to salad the entire time i'm there. :eat:
Would it completly screw up the whole system if i went and enjoyed myself for a couple of weeks?? :psiholog:

Thanks x
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I think you would still have to make sensible choices and watch portion control. Salads and veg most days, with lean chicken as well.
I'm in the same situation as you Wobbly - we're going away at the end of July and I'm hoping to be on RTM just before then (fingers and everything else crossed) - I'm hoping to stick to the management programme (or a slightly condensed version) while I'm there.
I am going to face a big decision come the end of May when we go back to see my family. We will be there three weeks. I know I will not be to goal by then. I hope to be a good way there though - and if I am close, within 2 stones let say, I am going to talk to my counselor about the feasability of "acting" like I am on RTM while there. A couple packs a day - and a meal a day, or something. It is my mothers 90th birthday and we are having a huge party/BBQ. We will be visiting lots of friends, for more BBQs. We will want to go to our favourite haunts. And it would be torture to be in California - the next best place for Authentic (not british ;), no offense ) but REAL Mexican food next to Mexico itself. To go without some of these things would be so hard.

The diet comes first, bbut I am so so hoping to be able to partake a little, sensibly, in some of the events. Time will tell as I get closer, and if the LL says its a horrible idea, then I will just have to try and bolster up massive massive amounts of committment first!!! :)

Good luck whatever you decide. It is a tough one. Lets face it - part of holidays IS about food - even for slim "normal" people, so I don;t feel like its a bad habit or pattern, thinking about planning for a few meals out. Does anyone else think thats an OK way to think??

Its definately a tough challenge.
When I've said I'll be at goal I probably won't be at the 'goal' that's on my ticker just at someplace I can call goal.

I chose the goal on my ticker because that is exactly half my body weight from where I started so if I lose 121lbs that leaves me at exactly 121lbs which is 8st 9lbs .... now I don't know that I'll ever hit that weight and it really doesn't bother me too much if I don't. I'm 5'2" and as long as I can get to 9st summat I'd be so happy that I might just cry for a month :D

Funny though I've just been discussing our holiday with hubby - we're going to Italy for a month - and I was saying that I'll be packing light for our holiday as my clothes will be half the size .... and he thinks I'll just take twice the amount :) --- he could be right LOL
I am lucky in that my holiday in Egypt is not until November so I am hoping that I will of got to goal and done RTM and will by then know what to do, with great big fingers crossed.

Anyway girls just to let you know that your luggage is reduced to 20kgs now it used to be 25kgs so its a good thing that we will be taking smaller clothes:D
LOL Lady - I'm driving and sailing so get away with that .... think hubby's scared he'll be living in the same pair of shorts for a month as I'll have pinched his suitcase :D
Lots of veg and protein and no or few carbs should be fine. White spirit with low cal mixer and muchoo water (more than 4 ltrs) a day should see you OK.

I presume the extra exercise you will be getting will burn off any cals ;)


Back to the grindstone!!
You may just find that by the time you get to the holiday that your body will be craving "good" food. Sensible options are the way to go and by that time you will have a better idea about how you are feeling about food.
My attitude did change and I am on RtM and I am not interested in the "bad" foods which I used to eat in abundance. I crave what my body knows is good for it with the occasional treat and I think that is key to this program. You have to accept that this is a lifetime change and not just a 6 month diet.
I am sure you will be just fine and the sales will be on before you go and you will really enjoy that!!

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