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Tales of my holiday

Tales of my holiday

Hi everyone! Comin to you live from UK Soil. Back in reality again. Sigh. It’s a hard slap in the face after being away so long!!! Hard going back to work yesterday!! However, not only am I returning to a new manager and a new team with new duties (which all developed while I was away! SURPRISE!) Not only that, but I am returning to a job that I have just been made redundant. Though it’s a slow death – departures staggered and spread through 2009, so nothing for 6 months. At the moment. Likely to change anytime really.

Anyway, the trip was great. It had its ups and downs, to be sure, but overall it was fantastic. There were many many high points mixed in with a few family squabbles and major airline troubles on the way there AND if you can believe it – on the way BACK too!!! On the way back, they lost our suitcase. Can you believe our luck!! After all the BS on the way out, they did it again on the return!! Muppets. Got the suitcase found in San Francisco and delivered the following afternoon. Thankfully, as it had all but a day or twos doses of my medication , and some of my new clothes as well.

Well – one of the highlights was moms reaction when she saw me. She could not believe it. And she was so proud. All through the weeks she kept saying how great I looked and how proud she was of me, and that she appreciated the will power needed, etc., and she was just full of praise. She gave me a little spending money and sent me to buy some clothes and said she would do it again at the end, bless her.

My brothers reactions, while not as verbal, were as strong. They were happy for me. Little do they know, their very early words in the very early days of my youth were part of what led me to have a problem with food. Or self image more accurately, but the two are so tied together. But they were happy for me.

All my friends were overjoyed – AND shocked – one even rendered speechless. Literally. Still not having a clear picture in my head of what I look like now, (or looked like then), they were stunned and said they have not seen me this thin for as long as they can remember. It was so lifting to hear all their comments, and praise, and support, and admiration – ti was truly good for the soul.

I can happily report that I stayed to the diet, for the enitre moth I was away, 100 %. Not one grain of one frito crossed my lips. I feel so proud of myself for this. I have never felt so in control of myself, and my life – it means more to me then I can say. I felt confident going in to it that I would, but I also knew how easily I could have strayed….and as my clothes were falling off me as the weeks went on, I was so happy I made the decision to stick to abstainance rather then hopping on to RTM for the trip, returning to abstinance – as I am now well ahead in my loss. I do nto get weight until Monday, but I have really made good progress as evidenced by me removing 75 – 80% of my remaining clothes in my wardrobe the day after we returned. Only a small handful of things still fit, and some only good for another week. That was a fantastic reward for missing out on all my favourite food and watching others indulge and enjoy. Another great reward are all my new clothes. I have brought home 3 large suitcases of clothes. We had to pay for excess baggage as we filled 5 cases all together! I came home with a new wardrobe virtually. I tried things on in a US14 and the fit and even a pair of 12 capris fit, so I bought all size 12s. I was also bought in normal Med and Lgs of the racks. I went a bit crazy!! Lol It was jst such a rush and so incredibly motivating! Even bought a LEVI Denim shirt in size SMALL!! OK, it’s a man’s shirt – but STILL – it has an S in it!! :D

I also lucked into a truckload of gorgeous hand-me-downs from my birth mother…who happened to have just done a big clear out in her closets. She has beautiful taste in clothes, and buys all expensive quality things – things I could never afford, and she game me loads of beautiful sets and individual things……fantastic!! And they are a size small, but go on, so I can see they are going to be crackin. She even gave me a beautiful long black wool coat that fits like a glove now, and looks great! SO by winter it will be perfect with winter clothes underneath.

By the end of the trip, the clothes I brought with me were falling off me, literally. I finally stepped on a scale and confirmed I dropped below 200 pounds! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a HUGE piece of happiness for me!!! :bliss:

The diet was mostly easy – but we were on the road an awful lot – in and out of hotels, cabins, friends, moms, etc., and I found it a challenge to get all 4 packs all days. The food served at friends and restaurants loked gorgeous, and mouthwatering, but I never ever felt I would lapse. I know all that gorgeous food will be there when we go back next time. So I grinned and beared it. There were only about 3 occassions I wanted to chew my foot while watching others, but that’s not bad at all.

I just felt really proud of myself, and my confidence was higher then ever before. It was wonderful feeling good about myself and seeing old old OLD friends of the family moms party – I did not feel embarassed or ashamed. I felt proud and held my head up. And smiled. AND SOUGHT OUT THE CAMERA!!!! :D I wan to be in the family pics now. I want to be remembered. What a strange new life I am climbing into. I hardly know myself anymore!

It’s good to be back. I missed the banter here on Minimins. I notice a few promionant “faces” are missing, but I won’t mention any names <cough cough Katie cough cough> <cough cough Ladylite cough cough> Where are you girls…. L I miss you.

I am going to try and get caught up with posts, but feel there are so many I may never accomplish that…..but I will try, so if I do not reply to anything, it probably means I missed it!

Looking forward to getting caught up with everyone, and I am so excited about seeing my LLC Monday for a weigh in!

I am going to get a few pics from the trip together to post in the next couple of days. J

Take care everyone!!!
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Silver Member
so glad that you had a great time.
Im slightly worried about the lack of familar faces too :( Hope everyone is ok.
Your looking super duper slim in that pic- ur mom is cute :)
glad you enjoyed it and excellent that you stayed 100%. How far from goal now?


I'm going to be slim
You look so well in that picture and sooooo slim pleased you had a good time (i like your shoes were they a holiday buy) Its nice to get together with family I've got my sister coming to stay next week & i'm looking forward to her visit not seen her for a year so she should notice a difference with me


Must do it this time
well done for staying 100% true to the diet,you look fab in your picture im looking forward to seeing more of your holiday,glad you had a great time.
i bet your looking forward to getting into all your new clothes theres no better feeling than getting into a smaller size of clothes
elaine x


Full Member
Hi, I am still plucking up the courage to take the first step on LL again, but you doing so well is great.

Been trying to get my head round the redundancy issue as well, as my other half works there as well. Small world.

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