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Holiday Gain

Well as expected I gained on Holiday :cry: but I enjoyed myself.

Took me an extra week to get back on track when I got back will power :mad: naughty me!!

8lb Gain in total !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh

Fingers xd weigh in after week back on Tues.

Hope everyone is well xx
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This is for life
Drink lots of water, strict induction, shouldn't be a problem:)
Thanks for the messages :) I am astounded - You were all right - I lost 9lbs so all my holiday gain and an extra pound too woo hoo
Wow! Well done Sarah :)


This is for life
Fabulous Sarah - well done:D
Thanks Alpaca, PurpleBobCat, Kat1e and girlygirl1 I was completely shocked to have done that well - obviously not unhappy tho.

PurpleBobCat - I did go back on to induction starting to get to know values for things quite well but only guesstimated so thats why I was soooooo surprised

Weigh day on Tuesday morning nervous after last weeks success
Good luck with the WI Sarah :)
Thanks Alpaca - breathing another sigh of relief 4lbs this week :) but I think 4.5 hours of roller skating on Sunday might of helped too
A word of warning to those contemplating having the Christmas period 'off' - I did that for the first time in years, last Christmas. Granted I had just lost my dear Dad, and was very stressed at university. I wasn't in the best frame of mind. I bought tons of vast boxes of Thornton's chocolates for family and friends - and, gulp, one for myself. Oh, dear...

Thus began my slide into regain. I did not stop when I had regained 8 pounds, nor 18. I tried to get back on track but just couldn't. I still don't know why! Emotional-psychological factors have so much to do with nibbling the wrong stuff. And, of course, sugar is my major binge trigger. But this slide was exceptional for me (since I found Atkins), and pretty scary.

I have lost more than half of the regain now and hope to be at goal by Christmas (ironic!). So please, my Atkins pals, think long and hard before you over-indulge this year. If you know for a fact that you are strong enough to get back on plan in January, fine. I thought I was - but I miscalculated. Don't give your body an extra few 'presents' it would rather not have!
As always girly very wise words.... I feel too much like an addict at the moment - maybe I always will - to venture too far off plan


This is for life
Agree with Di - great comment girly. I'm thinking more of having a few extra goodies at one meal rather than a day, week, whole holiday! There will of course be wine- but that doesn't count;)
Great advice girly. It is so easy to think you can get straight back on the wagon after a week or so of indulgence. I think I will pinch Katies idea and just have a treat for one meal then be good for the rest of the Xmas jollies :) Ho ho Ho! :)
It's funny you all mentioned that - I had been thinking about that myself.

I too have promised myself a full Christmas Dinner with Pudding and have a couple of meals out (which I am going to try and pick as atkin friendly as possible)
The main problem with Christmas is eating with family & friends. Its always the same 'its Christmas', '1 won't hurt', 'go on treat yourself' and my favourite.... 'you deserve it'. I don't particularly want to cheat at Christmas - but I'm not sure its possible to stay on Atkins & not hurt the MIL buy not eating what she's prepared.

What do you guys do??

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